Ask: As I judge other less I feel more alone. How can I be more aware of the All?

“I have an understanding that judgment, especially of other people, is a way that separation is maintained. Watching myself I can see how that happens…I recognize that is happening and turn away from it. My question is this: so far the only images of other people are ones of judgment…and all the mental production into presenting them as a separate person to my mind. When I don't do that as much, then I begin to feel more alone. I don't have the experience of "other people" so much. I assume there is a deeper connection possible, to the All, to what is real, but so far that does not arise…” – RP

            You have seen that there is no real connection between selves. The personal thought system’s “connection” with others is an illusion maintained by judgment. You dropped the judgments and the sense of connection is gone. All along you were experiencing only your own thoughts.
When you detach from (truly forgive) the personal thought system’s (ego’s) judgments you don’t want to simply turn away. You want to turn inward to Truth. Otherwise you just remain in another form of lack. You will experience wholeness (All) only in your awareness of your True Being (God) within.
            As an individual, as you grow aware of the Truth within you and truly learn that the world is an illusion, a feeling of being apart from others and the world will develop. This is what it means to be detached! If you are uncomfortable when you feel this, however, it indicates that you are still attached to the self. You have not wholly detached. It is a signal to turn inward to experience your wholeness in Truth. In time your detachment will be complete and you will no longer be made uncomfortable by it. You will experience only Wholeness.

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The books you have metioned looks great in the sense that they teach you what you should learn while judgin others and maintainting a perfect relationship. I grasped the basic idea of these books and they seem interesting.

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