Ask: If we are all one how can we have such disparity?

When sitting with family yesterday, it occurred to me that each of us has such a wide and varying approach and take on what is real.  If we are all one, and not various and individual souls/persons, how can we have such disparity in our beliefs?  Why isn't your awakening or Jesus’ awakening more of an influence on all of us if we are one consciousness?  Why does guilt seem so individualized when we are not individuals? - JG

You will notice that A Course in Miracles says that your perception of yourself as an individual mind (ego) among other individual minds (egos) is an illusion. You are not experiencing the one and only Mind (God) when you perceive the disparity of many minds. You are looking at an illusion. It is this mistaken belief in what is real that ACIM seeks to help you transcend.
It isn’t really accurate to say that “we are all one”. It is more accurate to say that there is only one mind. Any time you apply a plural to “mind” you are looking at the illusion. But you can turn away from the perception of many minds and turn inward, away from the ego, to the one-Mind-that-is.
Jesus and other seemingly-individual teachers who are aware of the one-Mind-that-is can point your seemingly-individual mind inward to It. But your awareness of the one-Mind-that-is will influence you only to the degree to which you are open to It.  In your seemingly-individual mind you alone have the choice of what influences your mind and how much it influences it.

Guilt only seems individualized when you think that individuals are real. In fact, it is the belief that individuals are real that is the source of guilt. It is the belief that formless Reality (God/the one-Mind-that-is) has been attacked and a new reality of many-minds-in-form has been made real. So when you look away from individual minds and turn inward to the one-Mind-that-is you see that there is no guilt. Nothing has been attacked. Only one Mind is real.

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Anonymous said…
We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented. Either you swallow the Kool-Aid, or you learn something different.
will said…
What's that supposed to mean?

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