Ask: What is my personal responsibility in the awakening?

“…In the chapter about "What is the last Judgment?" (Workbook part II, #10) Jesus says:  "You are still My holy Son, forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved, as limitless as your Creator and completely changeless and forever pure. Therefore awaken and return to Me. I am your Father and you are My Son." My question is: Can you talk about the verb awaken in this context and my "personal" responsibility in the awakening?” – ER

This phrase was not meant as an instruction, but simply as a reassurance. It’s saying that you have nothing to fear from God (your True Being) because God continues on within you untouched by the personal experience. So therefore it is safe for you to become aware of (awaken to) God within you again.

You do not have to make the choice to be aware of God. This is a choice that you make for yourself because you want to be at peace. If you do make this choice then your “responsibility” is to be willing to be aware of God. This is not a passive process. Your willingness means that you are open to looking at and undoing with the Holy Spirit (the part of your mind that is aware of God) the unconscious and conscious beliefs that block your awareness of God. These blocks come up naturally as you go about life in the world. They are anything that disturbs your peace or distracts you from your awareness of God as your True Being.

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will said…
In the chapter The Holy Spirits Curriculum there is a section titled The Sane Curriculum. Each individual sentence in paragraph five talks about your personal responsibility. Each sentence needs to be taken as a personal meditation.

Relax, stay calm, YOU are not in control of the process. As Liz said just be willing. Every second spent in remembering the Holy Spirit opens the door for healing.
will said…
In a nutshell your "responsibility" is to remember the Holy Spirit as often as you can each day just as the lessons ask that you do. Talk to the Holy Spirit just as you would to another person. You will not be aware of it but this opens the door for healing.
Frank C said…
Great answer, Liz, but I feel there is one statement you made that is a little "off".. God really isn't "inside me"... I am inside Him!

Well, since there is nowhere that He is Not, I guess you could see it either way... LOL

It seem like a minor point, but I'm totally into precision in language... Be Well, in the oneness WE ARE!
nicci said…
in this season of sharing i offer thanks for willingness, as an antidote to resistance when it arises in my moment to moment practice. and am grateful this morning to be strengthened with the insight that willingness is not a passive practice . . .
in endless Love and thanksgiving, nicci

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