Ask: Are you saying that no form exists for God?

“On reading your (last) blog…I was struck by a statement…:
…‘What seems to happen in the universe of form has no effect on God (Reality) whatsoever. So Dahmer and Mother Teresa are not equally loved by God. Both are equally unreal. Neither exists for God. Realizing this is true forgiveness.’ … Perhaps it is my ego that feels alarm, or perhaps I don't quite understand the statement. Are you saying that no form exists for God and that we are connected to the True Being only through our true self (which is neither our body nor ego). Perhaps I am clinging to my childhood Christian belief that nothing goes unnoticed by God and something to the effect that God knows how many hairs are on everyone's heads.  If none of this form life exists for God, what is the point of it all?...” - MI

You read it correctly. God (as A Course in Miracles uses the word) is Formless Being. Only God is real. In God there is only God (the meaning of “Oneness”). So God knows only God. This means that God only knows God in you. Form is not of God and is unknown to God.
God, being All, must contain the idea of Its Own opposite. But being All, God cannot have an opposite. So the idea of the opposite-of-God is undone as soon as it is thought. It has no purpose. It simply is. But what it is, is a meaningless, impossible idea. This is why ACIM calls it an “illusion”. And overcoming your belief in this illusion is what ACIM is for.
The part of God’s Mind where this idea seems to occur is what ACIM calls the “Son of God”. The Son of God’s mind is never actually apart from God. So it is split between God and not-God. Since God is timeless, limitless, and formless, not-God is time-bound, limited form. Into this universe of form the Son of God projects billions of versions of itself. Each seemingly-individual mind is split between God (Christ Mind/Holy Spirit) and not-God (ego thought system). As a seemingly-individual mind you project from ego meaning onto meaningless form. This makes it seem real to you. This makes it seem to have the (unconscious) purpose of keeping you apart from God. Your belief in form as reality is the source of guilt in your mind. But because the universe of form has no intrinsic meaning you can choose instead to give the experience of form another purpose for you. You can choose to use it to lead your mind back to its Reality in God instead of away from It. If you make this choice (you do not have to) then the Holy Spirit (the teaching aspect of your Christ Mind) will guide you in this process.
As a student of A Course in Miracles you must question every spiritual, religious, and secular belief you have ever had about truth and reality (what ACIM calls “God”). Some of these may be treasured beliefs and at first you may grieve to lose them. But when you look at them closely you will see that guilt is hidden in them. Then you will be relieved to release (forgive) them.

The ego is just a thought system in your mind. It does not have feelings. The alarm that you experience reading the above statement is your own. You are experiencing the shock and fear that is common to new students of A Course in Miracles when they begin to get what ACIM says. So your alarm is actually a good sign! It indicates that on some level you are getting it. This is the beginning of your undoing of your belief in the ego as your identity. It is uncomfortable but it will pass as you realize how the awareness that only God is real sets you free from guilt and fear.

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