Ask: What does it mean that ACIM is a required course?

“What is exactly meant in the ACIM introduction that this is a ‘required’ course? Please expand on ‘required’.” – H

Your mind is not in its natural state when you identify with a self in a body in a world. So you feel limited, incomplete, and in conflict. If you want peace you “require” correction of your perception that you are not True Being (God).
In your unnatural state you look ceaselessly to fill your sense of lack and to resolve your conflict. But you look to correct these through the ego (personal thought system) and its world, which will never work because their purpose is to replace True Being. A Course in Miracles is one form of the “required” lesson plan that you need if you want true, lasting peace because it brings Truth back into your awareness. Only a lesson plan that brings Truth into your awareness will bring you the peace that you seek.

It goes on to say that if you want peace your choice is not what you have to learn but when you learn it. Some choose to learn sooner than others. And of course the vast majority never chooses to learn it at all.

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Aleta said…
your blog is SO helpful; thank you, Liz!

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