Ask: Why do you say to bring problems to the Holy Spirit?

Some teachers say to not bring worldly problems to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not come into the world and fix them. But you seem to suggest that we do so. I’m confused…

            I do not suggest that you use the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth in your mind) as a problem solver. I suggest that you use your perceived problems as opportunities to grow your awareness of the Holy Spirit.
            Whatever you perceive as a problem is never the real problem. The real problem is that you feel that you are not your True Being (“separate from God”) but that you are a self in a body in a world. All of your perceived problems are an expression of this one problem. You overcome your real problem by becoming aware of your True Being (God) through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the thought system in your mind that replaces the personal thought system (ego) when you decide that you want to know Truth. It meets you where you are in your perception that you are a self in a world. It gently awakens you to your reality by using your experiences in the world to remind you of your Truth.
            For example, often new students of A Course in Miracles feel guilty for wanting things in the world. ACIM does say that your desires are obstacles to peace when you see them as ends in themselves (“if I get this I will be at peace, whole, loved, etc.”). But this does not make them wrong or bad; only obstacles to peace. So it teaches you to use them as means to peace instead. It tells you to share them with the Holy Spirit. This does not mean to passively ask the Holy Spirit to take your desires and to sit and wait for something to happen. Your obstacles to peace are in your mind and you have to look at them to remove them. So you acknowledge the Holy Spirit in your mind and with It you look at all of your thoughts about what you desire: This is what I desire, this is why I want it, this is why I feel guilty, this is what I fear, etc. This is how you connect with and learn to hear the Holy Spirit in your mind. And it gives the Holy Spirit an opportunity to undo your guilt and fears with you. The side effect of this is clarity around and removing obstacles to your attaining your personal desires. So, as you say, the Holy Spirit does not come into the world to make things happen. What happens in the self’s life is an effect of your mind.
            Another example is when you have to make what you consider to be an important decision in the world. You acknowledge the Holy Spirit in your mind and with It you look at the decision from all angles: These are the pros, these are the cons, this is what I want, this is what I fear, etc. This process makes you more aware of the Holy Spirit so decisions in the world become means to be more aware of the Holy Spirit. And it brings clarity to your mind that will result in you being clear on the decision.

            So the point of bringing your worldly questions to the Holy Spirit is to bring the Holy Spirit into your awareness. Solutions and answers and greater harmony in your life in the world are the side-effects, not the purpose, of this practice. But for a long time you will have two motivations for bringing your problems to the Holy Spirit. While problems in the world are still very real to you of course you want solutions to them, even while you are willing to use them to grow your awareness of Truth.. But in time you will discover that in the Holy Spirit you have the wholeness that you seek. The side-effect of a more harmonious life in the world is nice but it is also irrelevant to your peace of mind. In fact, it is an effect of your peace of mind, not its cause.

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will said…
This is a repetition of what Liz wrote but it is more feed back. In the ACIM pamphlet The Song of Prayer, Part I: True Prayer there is a very good description of how you are cared for both here and in Truth. It reads simple but if you go back periodically you'll find there is a lot there.
will said…
In re-reading it, I take it back. Not so simple to read.
jacomina said…
But Liz. Why cant I just do the following. Become aware of my feelings of fear. drop it. become aware of my wish/desire/want of love or money. drop it. do you see? why do we go the HS in our minds? Cannot I know my true being in a direct way?

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you big time. Jacomina
ACIM Mentor said…
The "Holy Spirit" is simply the label for the part of your mind that is aware of your True Being. So "take it to the Holy Spirit" means "look at it from your awareness of your True Being". You cannot experience your True Being directly at this level of consciousness. The highest consciousness you can have is an awareness of your True Being (Holy Spirit/Christ).
will said…

The Course calls the part of your mind that you have been using all your life the ego. When you think of yourself (Jacomina)in your day to day life that's what the Course calls the ego. It's just a name for what is going on so we all know what each other is talking about. Living with the ego day after day is what brought you to the Course, usually out of pain. Most people that come to the Course are in some kind of emotional pain, that's why their here, to find a way out. As with everything we all have to start at the beginning so start thinking in terms of the Holy Spirit or Jesus or whatever you choose being inside you, just like the ego is, only your not aware of it at this point. Start by talking to the HS just like you would start any friendship. You can't start a new friendship if you don't make an effort to get to know the person. The Holy Spirit always hears you but it's pretty much a one way conversation at the start. The Course tells you this is what is happening and you have Liz who has been doing this for 30 years saying yes this is what is going on.
will said…

The reason I got your message to Liz is because I was writing on this blog too and so it sends it out to everyone who has been writing (if they wish). Liz has a phone too:)
jacomina said…
AAAaahh yeeeees, of course Liz. I see that. So when traditional religion asks, "what would jesus do?" they're not practising anything different. (except of course unconscious guilt and fear).

I often say, "If I was fully awake right at this moment, how would I respond?"

But since I cant experience my true being at this level of consciouness, then anything my mind conjures up will be more of the same guilt. And since I have not yet read Releasing guilt for inner peace, I'll stop here and comment again after. That's the key after all. Do you agree?

ACIM Mentor said…
You cannot experience your True Being at this level of consciousness. But the Holy Spirit in your mind is the bridge to your True Being. It is you without the ego thought system. It replaces the ego thought system if you put the ego aside. Everyone hears the ego thought system sometimes. You just have to learn to discern It from all of the ego's many voices.
You will not release guilt without first an awareness of the Holy Spirit in your mind. First, grow your awareness of Truth. The rest will follow.
jacomina said…
Hi Liz. I'm reading Releasing Guilt and thoroughly enjoying it. It will require many rereads on my part. I understand now that my comment about "what would jesus do?" was NOT releasing at all. I can only hope to express my gratitude in this small space and work towards growing my awarenss of Truth. Will you make this wonderful book available in hard copy as well? It has already been of enormous benefit to me.

Gratefully yours, Jacomina
ACIM Mentor said…
I'm glad you are finding the book useful, Jacomina. I have no plans to make the book available in print. Publishing is going toward digital and it has become too costly to create print books.

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