Ask: Can you address the discrepancy between daytime "dreaming" and nighttime dreaming?

“…I was wondering if you could address in one of your articles the seeming discrepancy between our daytime 'dreaming' in which we more and more frequently turn to Jesus or the HS to help us remember Truth and our nighttime dreams in which (in my case anyway) it is as if the Course never entered my life.  This has puzzled me for a while...” - LG

            This seems to be common among A Course in Miracles students, although some students do tell me they call on the Holy Spirit or Jesus in their dreams. For myself, it is very rare that my spirituality comes into my dreams at night, at least as far as I remember.
            Dreaming at night is really just our mind’s way of blowing off steam. For some it seems to be more of an avenue to self-awareness than for others. For myself, some dreams have been significant and I recognize that right away on waking. Other than that I usually only pay attention to them when I recognize a reoccurring theme. Then I know something in my mind is being revealed to me.

            However you dream, just accept that as natural to you.

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will said…
"For when you say only the things that you believe you 'should' say, rather than being honest, any relationship grows cold, including one with God."
From: 'Jesus A Pilgrimage'
James Martin, SJ
hannah said…
LG - my night time dreams are a real mix. many though certainly not most of them have been very beautiful communications from holy spirit, which i usually wasnt aware of at the time. i had a handful of dreams that i didnt i understand at all, seemed very strange and random, until i started studying ACIM and realised that they were dreams about ACIM teachings. this has continued ever since, though not very often, and they now simply clarify concepts ive been confused about and asked for clarification about, rather then introducing new ideas i hadnt read about yet. i THINK these answering night dreams have been easing off as it was still too easy to feel that the answers were coming from an outside source via my dreams, rather than strengthening the truth that the answers were coming from my true being (which has not forgotten itSelf) to the part of me that thinks its forgotten and is identified with a false idea of self. i actually didnt realise this until writing to you.. so thank you for posting the question to liz! and thanks will for your post re ignoring the 'should say' in favour of the 'honest say' or i wouldnt have written anything. thank you all very very much.

i have also had dreams about very specific occurrences in my life up to 6 months before they happened. i think dreaming about things before they happened was simply to start me accepting the non reality of time and space as well as the non reality of the rules we believe these things (time and space) follow. ive also as a child dreamed of things my mum was experiencing at the time, when id fallen asleep waiting for her to come home, which id say was part of HS teaching me how minds are more joined than the world thinks. but definitely the greater percentage of my dreams are just egos blowing off steam.

i dont know if these are helpful things to share with you or not. i just know HS CAN use any aspect of the selfs experience in this world to teach us. though it seems we dont all utilize/experience every aspect of the personal experience as a learning tool. i certainly learn a lot from the blowing off steam dreams as well, but only in the sense that i can always use ego thought as a reminder to turn to truth in my mind instead.

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