Ask: What does ACIM say about visualization and wanting things in the world?

“…I want to ask you as an ACIM student, a new one, what is the perspective of the Course about the technique of visualization, very used in New Age books like a means for getting what we want. And what is the perspective of the Course about wanting something like a successful career, money, financial freedom, fitness goals, academic goals, etc. Are they bad? Is it inappropriate to wish them and go for them?...” FG
            A Course in Miracles teaches that lasting peace and happiness comes only from an awareness of Truth (what it calls “God”) within you. Using techniques of any kind to manifest what you want in the world to make yourself feel whole, happy, secure, at peace, etc. is a misuse of the mind. This misuse is misguided, not “wrong” or “bad”. It comes from the mistaken belief that you need something outside of you to feel whole.

            ACIM also recognizes that you are not yet in touch with your inherent wholeness in Truth. So it teaches you to use your goals in the world as the means to become aware of the Truth within you. Instead of ends in themselves your goals become means to the goal of peace. Every situation becomes a classroom where you can learn of Truth from the Holy Spirit (the part of your mind that is aware of Truth) within you. So you do not have to give up your desires in the world. Instead, share them with the Holy Spirit in your mind. Then they will be the means to peace rather than obstacles to peace.

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Christine said…
It is so important to really get can still have your stuff, and or experiences - they just have a different purpose.
will said…
"So you do not have to give up your desires in the world. Instead share them with the Holy Spirit in your mind. Then they will be the means to peace rather than obstacles to peace."

Your right Christine, this is important stuff.
Your points are truly valid and unarguable. A man can only achieve his desires and get happiness from them only on the base of Truth which you referred to as God in ourselves.
Tania Farries said…
Hi, having just read the comments here, I wondered if you could guide me on something I am struggling with. I found a complete return to love when I was given 6 orphaned lambs. It really was a miracle as what I learnt through my connection with them, took me from being bed ridden for 7 years to being almost completely healed in 6 months. Now I am facing losing my beautiful animals and have been looking for 2 1/2 years to find somewhere to bring them back home to as I lost my farm due to my health. My dream is to share with others what they taught me about returning to love. Every door possible keeps closing and I am losing sight as to how I can make this happen through God's will. Any guidance would be gratefully received. Thank you ����
ACIM Mentor said…
Tania, I'm sorry you are struggling. But perhaps your dream is not what is meant for them. Or perhaps it's not the time for the answer. Let go of your dream and stay open for an answer.
Tania Farries said…
Thank you for your help. I will continue to let the dream go. It's so hard as they are so incredible and the owners of the field they are in say they are distraught without us.I am staying open and trusting, it's a real lesson in surrendering because if we can't find somewhere soon they will have to be put to sleep. Thank you again

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