Keep An Open Mind as the Undoing Unfolds Through You

Keep an Open Mind as the Undoing Unfolds Through You

Back in 2014 when this mind described to a client its then-recent inability to answer some questions about the self within it he recommended the book, “The Experience of No-Self” by Bernadette Roberts. Ms. Roberts was a contemplative nun for 8 years but left the convent and returned to the world (or, as she calls it, “the marketplace”). However, she continued to live a contemplative life as she became a wife and mother, among other things. One day, after over 30 years on the journey, while meditating she discovered that she could not locate her self. And, even more disturbing for her, she could not find God because she was used to being in union with God and now there was no longer a self and an “Other” with which to be in union. She had not been seeking this and she had no idea it would happen.

At the time of reading this, this mind was uncertain exactly what it was experiencing or was about to experience so it was unsure if our journeys were arriving at the same place (both yes and no). But this mind was struck by how Ms. Roberts’ expectations determined what, in the end, had to be undone in her mind to grow more fully aware of Truth. This mind realized it was in for the same undoing of expectations, though this mind’s expectations were different from Ms. Roberts’ expectations. For example, Ms. Roberts had read and experienced what is found in traditional Christian contemplative thought and this shaped her expectations. She had sought and found the union of God-within, or a “higher self”, with God-without only to have that blown out of the water that day. She did not know that the self would fall away. This mind had not sought “union” of any kind because it saw the inherent separation in that idea. It sought to be aware of the Oneness (Unity or Wholeness) that is already within but of Which it was not consciously aware. This mind did expect that would lead to a “self” falling away. But it also, sometimes overtly, sometimes rather subtly, expected it to be replaced by a “Higher Self” experience of some kind. Instead this mind found that all self, in fact all “identity”, falls away.

Your mind’s manifestation of the undoing of not-Truth is very specific to the way your seemingly-individual mind works. You cannot help but form expectations of how this will be. You hear and read things and you automatically form concepts. But these can eventually become obstacles, too. Sometimes you will be constrained by the shape they take; sometimes you won’t see beyond them to what else could occur; sometimes, you will miss miracles and shifts because they did not take a form you expected; sometimes you will be looking for shifts in the wrong place [as I did for so long waiting for the ego (personal thought system) to change]. The lesson is not to fight your expectations. Let them arise but also keep an open mind. You will find, as Ms. Roberts did, and as I have so often, that your path will not unfold how you thought it would because your expectations were based on what you thought you already knew. But remember, Where you are headed is completely unlike what you already think you know. So could you really know how to get There?

It can be confusing when your expectations are shattered. And they often are on the path to lasting peace! As a mentor I share my experience and clarity with my clients to help them see their way through the many uncomfortable episodes along the way. You can email me at and learn more about what I offer at


Francis said…
I have always thought that the best model of an undoing on earth is your dog or cat. The animal kingdom in general seem to be a beacon of where humans need to set their compass. Domesticated animals because of their proximity to humans, and humans because of their proximity to the world "marketplace" move away from their natural state as their exposure to humans and the world respectively increase. It takes some effort to find your way back. The undoing as you say. I have always wondered if upon death of the body that inbox on our desk we call the self gets completely cleaned out or undone. Or are we still saddled with the same inbox but without a body. You may have heard the ancient teaching of die before you die. This seems to me to be similar to the undoing of a self concept stated in a different way. Get death over with while your here and death of body will be no transition at all

Kathy said…
This article really hit home. This is what This mind has been experiencing for a while. When people speak of believing in and projecting yourself, This mind cannot grasp the concept and is wondering what self? The concept feels absurd to this mind. This mind, in its oneness cannot be defined as an individual self. There is relief in allowing this, as opposed to trying to perceive an individual self. However what arises at times is doubt. Doubt that God exists, that this mind exists, that anything exists and then there is the wondering of what it's all for? In these moments this mind becomes still and just feels. And in that moment, the Holy Instant, this mind know it is safe, free, happy. And then it seems that this experience is what it is for, to experience freedom, peace and joy, and to allow whatever expression of form from the one mind takes shape.. This mind realizes there is only One Self/mind, not many selves/minds. One mind that is expressing, in Spirit, in form, through love.
Christine said…
Love both of these comments, Francis and Kathy...I don't write as well as a lot of people here, but I like to share experiences from time to time. Talking about domesticated pets,I was grazing my horse last weekend after riding him and as he was standing there munching and crunching new spring grass, I felt, I knew only Oneness...there wasn't a me AND my horse, there was just Oneness, no boundaries. Then it stopped. And then out from the woods from a distance I heard an Arabic or Muslim prayer being broadcast! The farm is in "the country", but as a lot of places, there are homes, businesses, churches, malls, highways all making noise from time to time. So, this annunciation of prayers must have come from a church and it richocheted through the valley! The timing was interesting to me.
Also, lately, I do feel my "self" slipping away here and there...these articles seem to be tailor-made, Liz, right at the right time for a lot of us who follow your Blog.
Deb said…
Yes yes yes and yes. I am observing the falling away of the habit of "giving meaning" and leaning towards "giving acceptance" and responding to the present moment. More stillness.

Grace delivered this message in a song entitled, "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again" and being in it's rythme even when it speeds up is okay. It's all Grace.

Much love.

Frank C said…
Interesting as I observe how this mind forms expectations of undoing as it reads the information in an article about how we each form expectations as we progress along our journey to the Awareness of One Mind, which was always already Being Truth. LOL

What fun! Just keep letting go, and remember: "I never KNOW anything!" ;-)

In Love, Truly...
Francis said…
When I was young people told me that I first need to seek and find myself.
Having done that, I now learn the real goal is to loose myself while I am here.
To sum up then you have to do before you undo then you are done.
Deb said…
In search of what to expect, a trick of the mind, a way of postponing, fear of the unknown.

To quote what was heard by Mooji . . .

"If you follow too much all the ideas floating around, you may just go off floating on some cloud in search of the sky"

"Listen with a real quiet Heart"

"Relax a little"

Only Love
will said…
It’s a Train Wreck

I was taking a nap and woke up looking at my personal mind. It is out of control. It has an ‘urgency’ to be fed, to keep the momentum going. Food is ideas, thoughts, recognition. Recognition that it is alive. It gets its recognition when I become absorbed in it, become it, riding along like a tsunami. I woke up from my nap looking at it and thinking good grief it’s out of control. It has been feeding on politics and now I have a personal mind on steroids. It feels good, it feels strong and translates that to my identity with it. The thing that saves me is I see it as a completely separate entity from myself. When I come up for air that is what I grab onto.
Christine said…
Yes, I get that Will...somewhere you know that this personal self isn't really You. I find it helpful to observe yourself at annual events, it's like a guage of sorts...I have been going to a certain picnic/horse race every year for five years in a row...I used to be agitated by this or that, or this person will be there, or what that person will think, etc...all that stupid (and unreal) dumb waist-of-time stuff has eased away. Ken Wapnick said on some cd I think you know you have "progressed" by the Peace you this way it is losing your identity - or meaning you gave your stories...
essay best said…
One of the most interesting posts I have ever come across. Thanks for posting and sharing this with us.

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