Ask: Is there anything this separate sense of self is responsible for?

Liz, thank you for your recent post on what if I run out of time. It’s helped me to stop struggling and let things play out. My question is: Is there anything this separate sense of self is responsible for?...” – AS


“The sole responsibility of God's teacher is to accept the Atonement for himself. Atonement means correction, or the undoing of errors.” (M-18.4)

Now that you are aware of the Undoing of the idea-of-not-Truth (the “Atonement” in A Course in Miracles) you are responsible for accepting the Undoing for yourself. This may seem to contradict what I wrote last week about the Undoing’s unfolding being inevitable. But “down here on the ground”, as it were, the Undoing unfolds through your taking responsibility for correcting in your own mind the error of believing in not-Truth. This shows up in your day to day life as whatever study and practice you feel moved to do. And also what you feel not moved to do, as well. From now on, however you feel moved, it is the manifest expression of the Undoing.

I realize that this is something that you probably cannot see. I can only see it for myself in hindsight. Once I had an experience of Truth my path was set. Often I felt I’d wandered off or that I was failing. But all of that was really a part of the path. My part with regard to making a choice was really over. I accepted Truth into my awareness and I was taken along from there. All of my efforts to force it to happen were not necessary. I just needed to check in everyday with the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit) in my mind and trust that what efforts were needed by me would arise organically.

I wish I could’ve trusted this. It would have made it a lot easier. But the path is called the “Development of Trust” (Manual for Teachers) for a reason. If I had trusted I would’ve been much further along than I was! And it is the lack of trust that makes it so very uncomfortable for so long. But just know this: Once you’ve invited Truth into your awareness your path is set. The Undoing will now unfold through you whether or not you are consciously aware of it. It may mitigate any discomfort to step back and remind yourself of this whenever you feel that you are lost or failing.


ACIM teaches that forgiveness is your part to play in the Undoing? But how does that show up for you? This is something that I discuss with my clients. If you’d like to discuss this or anything else you can email me at to set up an appointment. Learn more about what I offer at


will said…
"Forcing it" and Truth are bound tightly together as one. Forcing it is the kindling of pain that moves us towards letting go.
will said…
I am speaking from the perspective of the blog. The human perspective. The Work.
Anonymous said…
I turned to Ch. 12 and read: "You do not have to do anything." Read it for the context which might be from a slightly different angle than the original question asked here. "Not doing anything" can be extremely problematic for the separate self sense sense, but the notions of separate self sense and responsibility seem contradictory. How could a separate self ever be responsible? Seems like only by gaining Truth can we act responsibly, and I think that's Liz's take away point here.
will said…
Sometimes we need to take a deep breath and relax. When the ego decides it is going to drive us crazy with the course it's time to back off. It happens to everyone. Getting away from the course for awhile gives the Holy Spirit a chance to help us.
Christine said…
Yes, Will, it's like "depending on form"...or "behavior".....just Be in Being for a bit...
Frank C said…
If you are alive here now, you've already chosen Truth, whether you are aware of IT or not... relax and enjoy the journey you chose for yourself!
hannah said…
Oh! my trust in bringing any barriers to peace i cant work through with HS seemingly 'on my own', to you, just went through the roof liz. i just felt amazingly safe!!

thank you for your question, AS

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