Ask: What does listening to the Holy Spirit entail?

“I hope this isn't a silly question but listening to the Holy Spirit entails what?
Are we listening to an audible voice, or a deep knowing of what is right, our intuition etc. How does it actually manifest when we've heard the Holy Spirit?...” – AS

This is most definitely not a silly question. It is an essential question.

We speak of “hearing” the Holy Spirit (the part of your mind that is aware of Truth) but It does not always come into your awareness as a Voice. (If you do hear a Voice It is, of course, within your mind. If It seems to come from outside of your mind and no one is actually speaking to you, you are hallucinating!). Often the Holy Spirit’s answers and guidance come in unformed thoughts, or, as you said, a deep knowing or intuition.

The Holy Spirit is in every mind and people hear or feel It all the time without identifying It as the Holy Spirit. The ego (personal thought system) in your mind has many voices and causes many feelings so once you make the conscious decision to hear and feel the Holy Spirit it can take a while to discern It from the ego. Also, once you do hear the Holy Spirit the ego will try to mimic It with words and ideas that it thinks would come from the Holy Spirit. This is why it takes a while to be certain that you do hear the Holy Spirit.

The hallmark of hearing the Holy Spirit is a feeling of liberation from guilt or fear or a dropping of boundaries. You feel a lifting up and out. You feel “lighter”, both in the sense of gaining clarity (less dark) and in feeling less weighed down. This is at the moment that you hear or feel the answer or guidance. Later, when you return your attention to the ego, you may feel guilt and fear that you heard the Holy Spirit or over what you heard. And this characteristic of hearing the ego. When it is the ego guilt and fear either do not change or they increase, even when the ego says something that you find emotionally satisfying.

When you do hear a Voice It may sometimes seem to come from the depths of your mind. Other times It will seem right here within you. It is “still and quiet”; It has no emotional charge. If you feel any emotional charge upon hearing It, it is uplifting joy.

If you ask for guidance and are uncertain if you have heard the Holy Spirit or the ego let it go. I find that if the guidance is from the ego the idea will just fall away from me. If it is from the Holy Spirit it will quietly persist in the back of my mind. Sometimes I will just later have a quiet knowing of the answer, often when I wake up in the morning.

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Davie said…
For me it is a feeling thing. Source communicates It's love for me or an idea of mine as an emotion of feeling loved. It guides me by: First I attune myself with the Love energy coming into me, and then I think of the idea I want guidance on. If the feeling loved stays or gets stronger, then I have listened and gotten an answer from Source. <3
Christine said…
By saying "coming into me", you can really mean "coming into my Awareness!!" IT is already present...(I don't mean to be annoying)...

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