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A few questions and requests for clarity came after last week’s article ( Also, I have something to add. So I will try again:

The body’s eyes report what it sees to the mind. It sees forms that have no meaning in themselves. So the universe of form is like a blank screen with regard to meaning.

Your mind always perceives inward. If you are in the Holy Spirit (Awareness of Truth in your mind) you know this and you see Real Perception, or what A Course in Miracles calls the “real world”. This is a Vision of Love or Light within. This inward Vision extends outward to the universe of form. This “colors” the way you see form, but you are aware of this. You do not have the illusion that how you see form comes from the forms the body’s eyes report. You know you are seeing your own mind.

In the ego (personal though system) you also always perceive only inward. However, you project your perceptions away onto the universe of form. Remember, projection is extension + denial. The same mechanism of extending from your mind occurs with the Holy Spirit and with the ego, only the ego denies that your perception comes from you. And your perceptions from the ego seem to give form meaning. It seems that form tells you what to think about form. You can learn that you project your perceptions, but that does not stop the projection. The ego always projects – that is simply how it works.

It is projection that makes it hard to see that the ego’s perception is just a perception. It seems as though its perception and form are one and the same. But they are not. You can forget about what the eyes report. It’s really not involved in your perception. (Notice that blind people also perceive though they do not have the body’s sight). You can learn to not trust the ego’s perceptions because the ego is false so its perceptions are false. You can turn your mind to Truth instead.

The practice I mentioned was sorting out fact from projection of meaning. For example, let’s say Bob hit Tom in the nose and Tom’s nose is bleeding. That is what the body’s eyes report. That is fact in form. But if I see or feel anything more about it I am perceiving. From the ego I will project meaning – right/wrong, good/bad. And that judgment will come from my own personal story and filters.

I know when I project meaning because I feel an emotional charge. If I am just observing I do not feel an emotional charge. My feelings come from the thoughts in my own mind, not from what happens in form. Once I sort out observable fact from my perception – projection of meaning – I can then deal with the thoughts I project where they occur – in my own mind.

The shift I wrote about last week was that I can deal now with the ego’s perceptions wholesale rather than piecemeal. Instead of dealing in specifics, I step back and recognize it is only a perception and since it comes from the ego I should not trust it. Since I recognize it as a perception I realize I have a choice in perception – I can turn to True Perception instead.

What I want to add is that you perceive what you believe is reality. Another way to say this is you perceive what you believe is true about you. So the perception that you accept as real reflects what you believe is true about you. If you believe the ego is true you will accept its perceptions. If you believe Truth is true you will accept Its Perceptions. As you transition from believing the ego is you, you must make the conscious choice to put its perceptions aside and choose Truth’s Perceptions instead.

Perception changes incrementally over time.  Except for those moments that I refer to as “higher miracles” you will not go from the ego’s perception directly to full-on Real Perception. The changes over time are a lot like when you get a prescription for your contacts or glasses changed. There’s a small period of adjustment and then you are in a “new normal” that you don’t even think about. It’s only looking back or in relation to others that you see that your perception has changed.

Often I’m asked, “So how do you see the world now?” That’s difficult for me to answer because I don’t see the world they mean – I see my own perception. I know the questioner is usually asking to know how I perceive form. They still think it’s about form and not about perception. If I say, “I don’t see the world” they think, “What, everything’s whited out for you? You don’t see people? You don’t see houses and cars and trees?” This body still reports those forms to this mind. But that is not my “world”. My world is my perception. It is within. And that is evolving toward True Perception all the time.

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hannah said…
it is so funny to me right now how liberating it is to know that all i see is what i think i am. when i first came across this idea in ACIM, it terrified me! of course it did, haha.. i was so very mistaken in what i thought i was! so much guilt, and not an iota of it justified!

just gotta say.. y'all are truly lovable!
will said…
Liz, In the second paragraph you say "but you are aware of this." This seems to be a key point. Being aware is not something you can do after reading the blog. You are talking about an awareness that comes after many years,the awareness is given by the Holy Spirit in small increments until it falls into place as a whole.
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, actually the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit, True Perceptions, real world, etc.) happens in an instant - a Holy Instant. What happens over time is the rest of your mind catching up to that Holy Instant. First It comes in glimpses then you work out your obstacles to It staying in your awareness.
nicci said…
this was very clarifying and your response here validating. i now have a much clearer understanding of what is happening. in deep gratitude, n
will said…
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will said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
George Fordham said…
Liz, thank you for this validating message. You are a true and reliable messenger. As a newbie I've had a doubt or two about you but My trust in you grows as I study your blogs and listen to all the helpful comments.Thanks and love to all. George.
hannah said…
love to you too George!
ACIM Mentor said…
Oh, don't trust me, George. Trust the Holy Spirit. It is the only wholly trustworthy Teacher.
nicci said…
the more i turn inward and and place my awareness in the Holy Spirit's Presence and trust the Holy Spirit's guidance, the more i notice that He is guiding me to the lessons i need. often this occurs in the form of another student further along on this journey of no distance. Liz is one of those sources. every time i have an experience of recognizing and accepting the Holy Spirit's Guidance in any of it's forms, trust deepens. as trust deepens, consistency in releasing all illusions deepens also. endlessly grateful, n
Anonymous said…
So every morning on awakening I declare to my mind that what my body perceives is a dream/illusion. That the Truth is within. So I go about my day with the Holy Spirit and if/when I have a reaction to a situation or person it means I have switched to my ego mind and given it meaning. So the solution is to uncover why I reacted, acknowledge it, accept responsibility I chose wrongly and now forgive it, release the fear to the Holy Spirit and be at peace. Always being vigilant for ego and quick to respond for Truth.
I accept I am projecting and no longer denying it came from my mind. I become an observer, not judging. Just forgiving. Liz, I understand when you say your body sees the world, sees form but your perception is different. I'm seeing the world with forgiving eyes, the world hasn't changed but I have, because I don't support it anymore. However I constantly get loved ones frustrated at me because I don't react to the news and the horrors its broadcasting. They want be to judge it, to have an opinion and when I refuse, they react. So I suspect my ego is being enticed. I pray silently and even verbalise to my loved one, I no longer believe in this world, so why comment on an idea!
Liz thanks for the clarity in perception.
Love, Marissa
ACIM Mentor said…
Marissa, I've found that what most people want is to be heard and understood. So instead of responding to what's in the news I respond to their response: "I see you are very upset by this" or "This seems to make you angry". I draw them out about their feelings and I find no one cares what I think or feel! But they feel validated and supported.

If I told my loved ones that I no longer believe in their world they would think I was nuts! And/or they would feel attacked - like I was telling them something was wrong with them for believing in it. Better to meet people whey *they* are rather than to try to make them understand where I am.
Unknown said…
Liz , Just a quick comment on your words to Marissa. How wonderful to put it in those words when we engage with other people so we can hear them and not trigger an attack or worse, lose friends. So simple and do-able so everybody can Be exactly where they're at and maintain harmony. So Simple and so effective. So glad this came up here in this Blog. Thanks to all. Jacomina

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