Finally, A Real Choice

A Course in Miracles teaches that we always look inward before we look outward. And it has always been easy for me to see True Perception (the Real World, Christ’s Vision, Holy Spirit’s Vision, etc. in ACIM) as a wholly inward Vision. When I experience It I also see the universe of form is meaningless. It is a blank canvas. The Vision may extend to form but I know the source is me, not the forms the body’s eyes report. In a way, I see a world overlaid over the world of form and I know that “real world” is in me. This overlaid world actually overlooks form because it is meaningless.

But the ego’s (personal thought system’s) perceptions are harder for me to see as only an inward perception. And that is because it always projects its perceptions away. Even though I have learned to take back my perceptions by practicing sorting out facts in form from my projection of meaning onto them, still there has always been an attachment between my perceptions and the universe of form. This is what made them seem to me to be reality not a blank canvas and a projected perception.

A few weeks ago I finally saw the ego’s perception as a perception. I realized I choose its perception (always some form of lack/guilt/fear) and then I see “proof” of this perception in the arbitrarily chosen forms the body’s eyes report to me. Because the universe of form is limited it is easy for the ego to point to specifics and say, “See, lack is real.” Of course I could also see in arbitrarily chosen forms “proof” that lack is not real. Form has no meaning in itself and it is so diverse I could find anything I wanted in it! But the ego is only going to point to lack, guilt, and fear because that is what it is.

What this has done for me is freed me to make a choice where before I could not see a real choice. It seemed my choice was between a perception – Real Perception – and a “reality” that was fixed in form. Yes, I knew I was projecting meaning. But I didn’t really see this as a perception because of the “proof” in form. I did not see that I first chose a perception and then saw proof for that perception. I was deceived by the specifics and did not see that I first made a choice for a general perception.

I used to say, “Turn inward and choose Truth despite what is appearing in form.” But now I see there is no relationship between my perception and form. It is not “despite what is appearing in form”. It is choose Truth’s perceptions over the ego’s perceptions.

Form, the ego’s perceptions, and True Perception are all not real. But the perception I experience is automatically determined by how I see myself. I am never bothered by what is in form. I can only be bothered by my perceptions. And when I am bothered I can now truly make the choice for True Perception because I see my choice is between two equivalent things – perceptions – rather than between a perception and reality. I can say, “This is just a perception. It does not represent the Truth in me”, and it will fall away.

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Chris said…
" Because the universe of form is limited it is easy for the ego to point to specifics and say, “See, lack is real.” Of course I could also see in arbitrarily chosen forms “proof” that lack is not real. "

I am confused by this. If the universe of firm is limited, then lack is "real" within this "reality". Any limitation is by definition lacking/ not whole. How could you see in form that lack is not "real", when form is by definition limited and therefore lacking?

In other words, lack/ limitation seems to be embedded in the fabric/ structure of the universe of form. The canvas is not blank but painted with limited forms?

ACIM Mentor said…
Chris, I see I should have been more clear. The universe of form is a blank canvas in that it is without meaning in itself. However, it is limited so it makes it easier for the ego to project lack onto it. It does this by focusing on specific examples of lack. But you can also find, at least temporarily, examples of wholeness. The temporary nature of either lack or wholeness is part of the limitation of the universe of form. In any case, that is without meaning (right/wrong, good/bad, valuable/valueless). It is just what form is.

True Perception sees that only Abundant Wholeness is real so It overlooks both limited form and the ego's projected perceptions of lack/limitation onto limited form.
hannah said…
oh liz! this is what ive been attempting to describe in my last couple of emails. all expressed so clearly here. i am astonished. thank you for sharing.
Hi Liz,
Reading this week’s blog was like driving down an unpaved bumpy road....I had to read it very s l o w l y.

This is timely for me in light of the Las Vegas shootings. My perception told me the mainstream media was covering up something. Then my perception was to look to alternative media sources where “others” perceptions were being presented. What I found was a whole mixed bag of perceptions. This resulted in a conflicted mind for several days.

With the peace of God as my one goal, I ended my following of the event in booth mainstream media and alternative media. I realized as you so eloquently put: “This is just a perception. It does not represent the Truth in me.”

Question: You live in Vegas. How easy/hard was it to see the blank canvas? Much love.
ACIM Mentor said…
Cairn, it is the same whether it is near or far.
nicci said…
hi liz. after two readings and some time to contemplate your blog, i am still experiencing some confusion. in my sit with the HS earlier this morning and before i read your blog, i was working with Him on the teaching that i always look within first, and in every given moment am either projecting away guilt or extending Truth-Love, and those choices determine how i experience the world. as a form of exercise, i applied it to a recent event where a friend who was a passenger in my car got impatient with another driver (a potentially emotionally charged situation for me). i asked the HS about the two apparent choices: to project away with the ego and perceive her behavior as threatening or unkind, or to turn to Him and experience the event as Love Calling To Itself (a perception of which i have had momentary recognitions). i felt Him telling me that i only ever have one real choice (which i felt he meant was Love Calling To Itself). and in making this real choice with His help, i am opening the mind to receive a vision of my True Self.

my confusion is about this choice: to look with Him and recognize the call of Love To Love. oh, as i am writing this maybe i am beginning to understand more... that recognition is also a perception, and though a corrected one, it is still not Truth....?

is this distinction, if i have it correct, important to the process as it is unfolding now?

endless L, n
ACIM Mentor said…
Nicci, the distinction's importance is determined by whether or not it brings you relief. If it does, then it is a valuable tool. If it does not it is not the time to use it.
nicci said…
oh.... thank you liz. n
Francis said…
Liz if I am understanding you correctly, everything here as reported by any of our 5 senses is created by a sense of lack. A belief in lack is what got us here, and giving up the belief in lack is what is going to get us out of here.

A very difficult task , especially in the modern world where everywhere you look your belief in lack is being reinforced daily. True perception is not a evolutionary trait so overcoming human perception is a mighty goal for humans, but not insurmountable. Human perception defaults to see difference rather than sameness it seems, except when crisis hits (Las Vegas) then sameness is revealed.

For those who are fortunate enough to find signposts like ACIM it is still difficult to make your way through this world as your senses report there is a world. However slowly your inner True self begins to stop reading the reports until reports fall away and real vision resumes.

Am I off base?
laurie said…
Liz, can you give us an example from your life of what you are talking about? Using an example tell us how you would have seen something before and how you see it now if you can.
ACIM Mentor said…
Francis, yes, in a way you are off base. You do not come to see Truth, and therefore that illusion is illusion, as a person. You must open yourself to another part of your mind where you already know this.

I sense this mistake in some of what people have written here and have emailed me about this article. You do not have to make any of this happen. You do not have to make yourself see that illusion is illusion, or even that perception is just perception. Grow your awareness of Truth and all of this will come naturally.
ACIM Mentor said…
Laurie, it's a generalized approach rather than one that focuses on specifics. Now I don't focus on the specifics of what is appearing but on the idea that this is just a perception and I can choose the Other perception.

I focus now on trust. I can trust only what True Perception shows me. This means there is nothing else to trust.
Francis said…
Thank you. I see how the abstractness of this discussion can lead to the confusion. But from you answer "open yourself to another part of your mind" and "Grow your awareness of Truth" are the two aspects of your answer that are key. Was your discovery of the path to both of these key aspects difficult to attain?
ACIM Mentor said…
Francis, the path began for me with the Awareness of Truth. But I have watched others come to the Awareness through openness and willingness to experience It. Those are the key to having the experience.
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