The Vision of Forgiveness

“Be comforted, and feel the Holy Spirit watching over you in love and perfect confidence in what He sees.” (T-20.V.8)

Once upon a time when I read a quote like this in A Course in Miracles I could accept the love but I had a hard time with the “perfect confidence”. I realized it was saying that the Holy Spirit had confidence in me as the “Son of God” not as a person. In other words, the Holy Spirit had perfect confidence in the Truth in me not in the self (body/personality/ego). My initial response, when I was still very identified with a self, was, “What the hell good is that to me?” I felt rejected as I thought I was, even though intellectually I got that the problem was that I didn’t know the Truth in me.

Eventually, though, I got past being almost wholly identified with a self and became aware of the Truth in me and could take some comfort from a phrase like this. It was okay that the Holy Spirit’s confidence was not in the thing in which I identified. I was aware of and identified enough in What It did have confidence in. However, I still felt the Holy Spirit was wrong to have confidence in me because of the other, flawed, part of me (self). It was nice that It had confidence in me, but It was mistaken! “I have this other part, see, and perhaps You shouldn’t have such confidence in me because of it…”

But now, with the belief in guilt gone from this mind, I get it. I can accept the Holy Spirit’s confidence is whole and complete because it is in the immutable Truth in me and the other “flawed” part is nothing. Now I see as the Holy Spirit does. Only the Truth is Real. There is nothing else.

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hannah said…
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hannah said…
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hannah said…
Liz. trying to reject parts of the self is attempting to spiritualise the self!? is that right? oh.. while you are strongly self identified, rejection feelings in any direction are par for the course. oh golly, that is AWESOME! there is no rejection in Truth, because there IS nothing to reject in Truth! happy dance!
E.S said…
There is the key. How many of us will touch the Truth in us before we die. The planet seems to be more entranced with the world than ever. Although we are still a young species very few of us come close to touching the truth within. The distraction is so compelling that unless you find a way to rise above it all (the battleground) you will be pulled in even deeper. I see how our species was driven to develop meditation as a way out. I also see now the term “truth seeker” came to be, but it most cases it did not apply the truth you speak of. Truth Finder is where I hope I a headed.

George Fordham said…
Hi ! Liz, I'mhaving trouble getting through to you. Why ? Love, George.
George Fordham said…
That seems to be OK now. I don't know why I had Difficulty before. I love you blogs and really missed not being able to comment. Best wishes, George.

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