Ask: What changed the first time you experienced a Revelation?

“Over the years I have noticed that spiritual teachers over the centuries who have had a direct experience, revelation, unity are different than those who have not. There are very good Teachers who have not experienced this direct unitive revelation. To intellectualize a spiritual teaching like ACIM is very easy to do. Helen was a prime example, yet you can tell when reading the Text and from some of your works that the words are coming from a place beyond the intellect. I think the Workbook is perhaps where that transcendence is attempted. However there are many cases where it randomly occurs naturally, drug induced or a near death experience. What changed the first time it happened to you? Did your writing change?” – ES

Everything changed the first time I experienced direct Revelation (an experience of only Truth). It was shattering. I could never be the same after It, though I tried to forget It. I went into a kind of shock. It was a few months before I could acknowledge It happened. The world as reality was stripped away from me. I could never again after that ever wholly believe in it or value it, though I continued to believe in it and value it very much. It was liberating and joyous and terrifying and I became very angry that the world was stripped away from me before I had a chance to try it out. I was only twenty years old and a brand new student of A Course in Miracles, so I was far, far from ready to teach and was not writing yet.

A Revelation can only occur if you are ready to accept It. I don’t know why I was, but I was only just ready. There were times after It I thought I was losing my mind. I sometimes felt I was barely holding on to my sanity. But, obviously, in time, my inner world stabilized and I had a new normal. This was the same after each succeeding Revelation. But I came to know what to expect and the others were never as shattering as the first.

When you equate It with drug induced or near death experiences I think you may be confusing the effects of a Revelation with the actual Revelation. I have written about this before and instead of rewriting it I will just give you this link:

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