It's Not Personal, Really

You are not an ego, a personal self; you are One with God. When in A Course in Miracles it says that you chose to be separate from God and you feel guilty for this and you fear God will punish you it does not mean that you personally made this choice. When the Course says that you are responsible for making the world it does not mean that you personally made the world. It means you the mind-that-has-decided-to-split from God made this choice and that all of the egos that seem to have been made by these choices are born into guilt and fear. If you identify with a personal self you will feel guilty and fear God. You can only escape guilt and fear by putting aside the ego in all its forms. All that is left then is God.

In sorting out Truth from illusion you have to realize that the personal self is the illusion. The questions students ask: “What happens when I die?” “Is reincarnation real?” “Did I plan this life?” All of these are questions about the personal self and are not really questions but the ego’s way of validating itself. You cannot die because you are not a personal self. When the personal self ceases to exist nothing happens because it is nothing to begin with. God is not changed and you are One with God. There is no individual soul or spirit to go on. Only God is Continuous and God is unchanged by what happens in the illusion of the world. What you do choose is how you are going to perceive the world: As a block to your awareness of God or as a means to remember God.

Let’s use the sun as a metaphor for God. When clouds roll in front of the sun it is blocked on earth but the sun is unchanged. And so it is in your mind. God is shining forever; the ego you see – whether it is the one you identify with or ones you see “out there” it is all just ego – are like the clouds that pass in front of the sun. And all of them will pass. What is Eternal in you is God. What was there before the idea of the ego and what will be there after the idea of the ego is God.

Pursuing personal happiness, satisfaction, recognition, etc. is to perpetuate separation from God. You are not an ego, you are One with God, and holding on to the ego as your reality is the source of all of your unhappiness. It can seem very, very hard to overcome your attachment to individuality but this is the whole path to Peace and Joy! Students will read the paragraph above this one and say: “If God is there after my ego is dead then why should I bother letting go of the ego in the world?” Because the world is an idea in your mind, not a place where you exist as an individual. It is not released because one form of ego has passed; it is released when you no longer want separation from God. You are not an ego; you are the mind that believes in separation and a world and egos. All of this is happening in your mind – not your individual mind, but your mind that is part of God and that has decided to believe it is something else. There is only your mind, everywhere. Practice the Holy Instant and allow yourself to be lifted out of the personal, the individual. Only then will you understand that you are not limited to a little, personal self and you will begin to overcome it.


Anonymous said…
so what are we after the body dies?
ACIM Mentor said…
This question begins from a faulty premise - that the body is you. There is no way to answer it directly without validating that premise. A real question would be, "Do I die?", and the answer is "no". What you are in Truth is never born and never dies. This is what you want to get in touch with.
The body is simply an idea in your mind with which you mis-identify. It is never you. It also is never born and never dies. You will one day cease to think of it as you, when you realize that you are Limitless Mind. This is a process.
Anonymous said…
So, if there was an ideal way and the quickest route to God then what would it be? I have aot of free time to myself so how should I be using this time wisely? And I'm confused as to what to do with the body? I know that the goal is Peace but when we've become aware of it again, what is our mission in God as the full Son with the Father? And if we are One with Him, are we just one thought in the Mind of God or does he have other thoughts when we know Him fully and do we experience all His thoughts too? Do we actually see Him or ourself as an image in our True formlessness or do we see all white light and then just know Him by that?

This is all such a conflicting and scary process for me right now even though I am much saner. I just feel like I'm wasting time trying to Love everything. Is that what I'm supposed to be doing? Just when I feel I have the knack of what I'm supposed to be doing, I feel I lose my footing and get pulled into another challenge. It's like things won't be stable even though I'm moving through the process. What is this?

Sorry Liz, I just needed to get all of that out of me. I hope you can make sense of what I am trying to ask you. Thank you.
ACIM Mentor said…

ACIM is the quickest route. As you grow your awareness of God (Truth) you encounter your obstacles to God so you can undo them.

Use your time to do what you want to do. Do what you want with the body. Just live your life as you would if you weren't a student of ACIM. You do not need to change anything. Just bring the Holy Spirit with you. Your "mission" is simply to be aware of God. You do not have to force yourself to stay aware of God. Just bring your mind back to God throughout the course of a normal day.

Only God is in God's Mind. When God is in your mind you are in the Mind of God. There are no images or forms in God. God is Formless Being. God is an experience.

No, don't try to love everything. Grow your awareness of God and Love (wholeness) will fill your mind. It will happen naturally. You don't have to make any of this happen. As you grow your awareness of God it will all happen automatically.

Stability will come and go in this process. That's natural. You are undoing a thought system. Sometimes you will feel up in the air. Then you will settle. Then you will be up in the air again. This is good. It means you are moving past false ideas that used to be fixed in your mind.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so kindly for responding, Liz. You have made things perfectly clear for me. I am very grateful for this support and your blog has been extremely helpful in all ways. xo
Paula said…
Liz, it really isn't personal, is it. Gosh, this is a real surprise to me, not at all what I was expecting. I had this fluffy idea of something mystical as my journey to peace but The Course way is the honest-to-God real way back Home and I am bloody gobsmacked! Well, you are too right about when you told me to be careful what you ask for. I remember my exact wording a year and a half ago when I started the course and those words were, "I want to go Home to my Real Home!" Thy will be done. Amen. :-)

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