The Miracle Unites Your Mind

It cannot be said too often that everything is thought, everything is in your mind, because to understand the miracle and how it works you have to understand this. To the ego, material, concrete form is real and thought is meaningless. Of course, this is upside down. Mind is what is real and it is formless and abstract. So one of the first things you have to do is grasp that you see this backwards, that mind and thought are what are real and material, concrete form is what is not real.

There are two levels of perception. The first level is the thoughts that make the world for you and this layer is neutral. Look around the room you are in now. Everything is a thought – round, blue, rough, chair, refrigerator, rug, etc. even though you aren’t conscious of yourself “thinking” it. What you are seeing with the body’s eyes – remember the body itself is unreal – is the screen made by the split mind so the separation could be projected onto it. This level of perception is neutral because it has no meaning. The next layer of perception - the level of judgment and interpretation – is the level that supplies meaning to what the body sees. This is the level A Course in Miracles works on because without the ego’s projections onto the “screen” that is the world you would see the world is meaningless and it would have no purpose for you and would be gone. This second level of perception is the level of choice and you have only two ways of looking at the world – through ego or the Holy Spirit. The ego teaches that the meaning you see in the world is supplied by the world. It projects away its thoughts onto the world and tells you that what you experience is caused by the world. This is how it keeps attack, guilt and fear in your mind. You don’t get rid of attack, guilt and fear; you just see them “out there”. But where are the thoughts occurring? In your mind.

The Holy Spirit teaches you that what isn’t Love is a call for Love. When you look at the world and see attack, guilt and fear you are calling for Love. This is a call for the miracle, which is an extension of Love. So you touch Love within you with whatever thought works for you and you then extend that Love out to the world. You are healing your mind because the world is in your mind; it’s the part that you have projected away from you. You must replace every ego thought with an extension of Love (the miracle) because your whole mind must be healed and returned to God. If you hold onto any thought of attack, guilt and fear it is because they are real to you so you are unhealed.

Some miracles seem harder than others. You may say, “How can I see Love here when that mentally ill man is forced to live on the street?” or “How can I see Christ when this guy’s a jerk?” or “How can I see God in this devastation?” It is the ego that orders illusions – some are more real than others. But the Holy Spirit knows all illusion is the same and size and type and degree don’t matter. What isn’t God isn’t God.

You don’t have to save the world because there is no world outside of your mind. But you do need to save your mind from the illusion that part of it is in you and part of it is outside of you (the world). This is the split that must be healed and this is what the miracle is for. Love is within you and so Love is in the world. Choose to see Love instead of the world of separation and your mind is One and healed and ready to return to God.


Anonymous said…
Wow, golly gosh! Many thanks for this article, Liz!! All Love and Gratitude to you for making things crystal clear!

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