The Body as a Communication Device

A student has asked me to write about the body as a communication device that the Holy Spirit can use.

From the Holy Spirit’s perspective the world that you perceive has only one purpose – forgiveness of your perception of separation from God. This is the one purpose for every thing, every relationship, and every situation. The body’s purpose, then, is to be used for forgiveness. A Course in Miracles calls the body a “communication device”, but as is often the case with familiar words in the Course “communication” is used differently. There is only one mind, so you can only communicate with yourself. In the Course “communion” and “communication” refer to Oneness – to the Oneness of your Mind, and to your Oneness with God. So the body is a means for you to teach yourself that your mind is One – that there is no separation between “you” and what your mind perceives. When you have learned this your mind is healed, and it is ready to wholly remember God.

The body serves the healing of your mind by presenting your mind with opportunities to forgive its perception of separation. Wherever the body takes you, whatever the body’s eyes see, and whatever its ears hear is what you need to forgive. And as you allow your mind to be healed this is manifested in a healed body that demonstrates to you the power of your mind by “communicating” your healed mind into your perception. With a unified purpose the mind and the body are in communion - they are One in your awareness. When you have completely forgiven your perception of separation the body’s purpose is complete, and you will put it aside.


Chris Cade said…
That's a very interesting way of looking at the body and "communication" and "forgiveness." I think it makes sense, although I tend to use more layman's/non-ACIM terminology to describe the same things in my experience.

When I think of "forgiveness," to me it means basically to be present. The extension of that is that when we're in the present, there is no past/future... there is no separation, just oneness.

Anytime I am totally present, I am in communion, communication, and forgiveness all at once.

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Bo said…
Thanks Liz for a perfect and true to the Course communication.
It made my mind and consequently my body smile.

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