Limitless Being Is

When I was very young I read about Buddhism and the concept that all pain is caused by having personal desires and that true spiritual awakening came with letting go of personal desires. I instantly understood this and felt joyous liberation! Then terror at the thought of giving up individuality came storming in. I decided it would be impossible to not identify with a personal self. But it was too late. That experience of True Freedom has beckoned me back ever since. No matter the resistance of the personal mind, the call of Limitlessness has been stronger in me. In fact, the experience of joyous liberation from limitations is the sign I seek in my studying of spiritual teachings and in my experiences with the Holy Spirit. I know when I have hit upon the Truth when I feel set free.

The other day I was preparing to take a shower when I looked at the body in the mirror and thought, “Not bad for forty-five.” This moment of identification with the body was a reflex and the thought was something the personal mind offered to me as a “gift”. But I instantly thought, “How limiting is that?” It doesn’t matter that it was what appeared to be a “positive” moment of identification with a body, it was still a moment meant to make me small. So I closed my eyes and corrected it with “I am Limitless Being” and remembered all those moments of Limitlessness I’d felt before. But somehow the “I” in the statement got in my way. So I tried again with “Limitless Being is.” Then I felt set free!

It isn’t inaccurate for me to say “I am Limitless Being” because Limitless Being encompasses everything and that of course includes me. But the “I” got in the way for me because I’m used to “I” being a limiting word. I’m used to using “I” to delineate “me” from “you” or “them”. But Limitless Being is One; It doesn’t have parts that need to be delineated from other parts. Saying, “Limitless Being is” strips away all boundaries in my mind and this experience is characteristic of my experiences of God. Where in the personal mind I am constantly judging, measuring, and delineating everything, including myself, in an effort to define myself, in God I just exist, everywhere, always.


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Mariah B said…
Liz- I love this post. Yes, I too find the concept of no attachment= no pain! It's so liberating!
At times, my ego gets in the way though. There are times when I know that forgiving is best for me to choose. But in specific situations, my ego tries to pull me down, and I have to admit, for that moment, I decide to choose my ego...but then later on, (it could be an hour, a day, or a week), I ALWAYS end up siding with the Holy Spirit, lol.
I can never wholly believe in the thought system in the ego ever again! Thats what I love about the Course. And the more I apply forgiviness to my situations, the more the right-minded thoughts of the Course fill my head! One day, those thoughts will become my Awareness!
I also agree that i have to forgive the "positive" thoughts about myself. :) Its so funny, that you mentioned that. Today, I did lesson 35 "My Mind is part of God's. I am very holy."
In the excersise, Jesus tells us to include all ego-based attributes in it, because they are all equally unreal! That's actaully a good thing you did when you looked at yourself in the mirror, and immediately forgave, to remember Who you truly are! So many thoughts come to myself when I look in the mirror, so I will start using this as a way to practice forgiveness. Thanks Liz!
Unknown said…
Hello, don't know if this is the place to comment, but in thinking of today's lesson 115,that my only function is to "forgive the world for the errors I have made" I'm wondering (asking the holy spirit also) how to relate to an old boyfriend from years ago who wants to come back into my life and has recently confessed in a phone conversation that he did jail time for exposing himself to a 12 year old girl, and was just "praying for someone to stop him". When I asked, in a letter, if he'd gotten treatment and was no longer doing those things, he didn't reply. I feel I don't want to encourage his visit, but not sure what "forgiveness" means here. Any thoughts would be very welcomed.

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