I get a lot of questions from students of A Course in Miracles about the concept that you manifest or attract everything in your life in the world. Some of the teachers who advocate methods of manifesting or attracting what the personal mind wants are familiar with the Course and feel that the Course validates what they teach. I’ve written about some of this before but, since I get so many questions about this, I’m going to sum it all up here.

A Course in Miracles states, explicitly, that everything that happens to you, you have asked for on some level. This is referring to the content of what happens to you, and, sure, you choose the form on some level, too, but the form does not determine your experience; your experience is a choice of your mind. This is simply a fact; at no point does the Course then suggest to you ways of making what the personal mind wants show up. Its emphasis is always on your internal experience, in which you have two choices: Love or fear. This is a choice you make now, no matter what is showing up, no matter that you have chosen what is showing up. All form is neutral and therefore open to interpretation. Controlling what shows up before the fact does not determine how you will interpret what shows up after the fact. You can still judge for or against whatever you’ve chosen to manifest. You can still use it to further your sense of separation from God or as an opportunity to remember your Oneness with God.

The personal mind uses your awareness of manifesting/attracting to reinforce guilt in your mind. Most new students read blame in the idea that they are responsible for what is appearing in their life so they either deny it or feel steeped in guilt. They haven’t yet learned, in more than an intellectual way anyway, that it doesn’t matter what shows up in the world because it is never real. Once you have some acceptance of this idea the personal mind may try to get you to use it to make a better dream of separation from God by manifesting/attracting what it wants. This reinforces in you the idea that the source of your wholeness and peace is getting what the personal mind wants in the world, which reinforces guilt in your mind by making separation from God real to you. And when you want something and it doesn’t manifest right away it has you dig around in your mind to find your blocks to what you want showing up in your life. Its message is: “You don’t have what you want? Then it’s your fault.”

You will only undo all guilt and fear by letting go of their source, which is your perception that you are a personal self in a body in a world separate from God. A better version of separation from God is not going to undo your guilt. You need to know that everything that happens to you, you have chosen so that you can know the power of your mind and can choose to remember Truth instead. Otherwise the world will seem to be your reality and it will seem to be done to you. You will not be able to free yourself by letting it go (forgiving it). This is the value in learning about manifesting/attracting. And you can also use this knowledge to trust that now that you have invited the Holy Spirit into your awareness, everything that you need you will manifest/attract as you need it.

If you put your attention on finding out why things are showing up for you or on making things show up for you, you will remain in guilt and never be at Peace. It doesn’t matter what shows up because it is never real. But if you choose to forgive whatever shows up by remembering that you are really always in God, no matter what is appearing, then you undo the guilt in your mind and find that Peace is always right here.


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Comments said…
Good call here Liz -
I'm familiar with a fair amount of attraction/manifestation material (abraham-hicks) and enjoyed learning about it. The part that left me empty was the feeling of 'something missing'. Yes, of course we can change our so-called reality (illusion), that's the nature of illusions and it does attest to the power of the mind!! But once we've done that - so what? If we continually work to 'make' the next manifestation we're just on a treadmill of making stuff we eventually don't even want!
What was most helpful from the material was something recorded on one of the older CDs; someone had asked about Christ and the answer was basically don't worry about the Christ of the Bible and speak to the Christ that lives today!
Wow - sounded like a good idea to me! So I let this percolate in my mind, 'how cool would it be to actually learn what Jesus taught and not just what was (mis)represented/recorded about him in the Bible?'
It wasn't too long after that I found Gary Renard's 'Disappearance of the Universe', which then lead to my interest and studying of ACIM.
I've chosen to view the attraction/manifestation material as a learning experience that is available for people to discover the power of their minds and (when they are ready) to move toward the Source of that power in whatever way works for them.
- Barn.Owl_1

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