God is Blissfully Oblvious

The other day I was watching True Blood and a vampire, who was about to commit suicide, asked the protagonist how she thought God would punish him. She told him that God does not punish; God forgives. And I thought, there again my experience of God has taught me something so very different from what the world teaches. God neither punishes, nor forgives; God cannot conceive of anything to punish or forgive. I’m the one who has to forgive my illusion of separation from God.

This made me so aware again of how all of the story - the drama, the conflict, the guilt, the fear – exists only in my own mind. I cannot really convey the experience of a direct Revelation of God, but in God the world doesn’t exist at all, not even as a concept. So, there’s God going along Eternally and Infinitely Itself, and I’m over here having this little struggle with myself. And this, of course, is very offensive to the personal mind: I made all of this and God hasn’t even noticed?! I’m feeling all of this guilt and fear for nothing. I’ve totally made them up, along with all the other illusions. And God is oblivious. This may make the personal mind angry, but it is forgiveness and Bliss for me!

There is no “I” in God, there is no “self” in God, there is nothing limited and personal in God. God is Infinite, Eternal Being flowing Everywhere. God merely is. God is always here; God is the Constant. How different this is from my other experience! Part of me wants to say I have to come to grips with personal “death”, but what I just wrote is the proof that there is no death. I am aware of God, Which is Eternal Life, but I cannot be in the flow of God until I let go of the personal. Letting go of what-is-not to be What is, is not “death”; it’s simply letting What is continue as It has always has, despite my illusions. Nothing really happens when I let go of the personal, just as nothing really happened when I made the personal. This is the definition of illusion!

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loved one said…
It seems odd to read you write about God as something other than what you are.

You say that "Liz" created the illusion of separation, but you seem to believe it, based on how you write.

Could you write something from your true perspective of the Holy Spirit? Something directly from your true heart and not what you have learned as Liz?

ACIM Mentor said…
Loved One, I did not say that "Liz" created the illusion of separation. I was speaking from the split mind, the dreamer of the dream.
I also did write from my direct experience of God. However, I do still experience the illusion as real or I wouldn't be here teaching what I have to learn! It would be hypocritical of me to pretend I am not experiencing what I am experiencing.
ACIM Mentor said…
Loved One, it occurs to me that you may be new to this blog and not be aware that I have written around 300 articles, most of which come from the Holy Spirit. I write from my own experience when I am going through, or have just gone through, an intense learning experience. Of course, when I write from the Holy Spirit, there is always someone who says, "Why don't you write from your own experience?" You can access those articles at my website, www.acimmentor.com under "Answers by Topic".
will said…
Sometimes when I am doing the Course I will go through periods where the same emphasis seems to be in everything I read or am involved in. I have been reading chapter 11 in the past week. In VIII there is the sentence “Do not, then, be deceived in your brother, and see only his loving thoughts as his reality, for by denying that his mind is split you will heal yours.” It took overnight for it to clarify. I kept reading ‘do not be deceived into seeing only his loving thoughts as his reality.” I knew I was reading it wrong, it was out of context with the rest of the paragraph, but even with this awareness I could not get the cadence right. I must of read it 20 times that night. It gives me some insight to how much resistance I must have in areas I am not even aware of.
Paula said…
Liz, My awareness of God as you describe It here is pretty much what I believed it to be all along and recently It is feeling real close! I have been ducking and weaving even though I'm asking for the experience of It. I feel I've just come out of a cloud of extreme fear/physical pain of knowing I can have the experience of Oneness whenever I choose. I'm ready for It, I've been avoiding the Identiy shift from body to mind but have accepted mostly now that I am Mind from previous experiences. And I am starting to gain a wider Vision. Encounters with people are getting really easy. I am still hesitant about what I'm about to experience, I can feel something coming on. I am about to break my mind WIDE OPEN and bare it all. Lol, that just put a smile on my face.

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