What Happens to My Relationships When I Detach, revisited

First posted on December 6, 2006:



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Anonymous said…
Words only 'feebly' capture many of the ACIM notions, I find. For example the use of 'detach'has so many 'projections' attached from almost anyone that is becomes difficult to use.

I have trained myself to 'overlook' as illusion and see all the most potentially bothersome 'roles' played by friends and family as 'Spirit" viewing ego. Is it 'acting' Outwardly it is. Within I pray to see through Holy Eyes and know when I do with the peace that accompanies the apparent drama. This has to include 'bad news' to me or a loved one, the state of the so-called world. Over and over I recall the lines "the one thing that does not help the non-right minded person is an increase in fear.' Subscribing to that allevaiates a lot of potential guilt and even bro ego avoids 'indifference' which if felt or recognized, I believe' is just another 'guilt' synonym.

Peace and joy remain with the One of us.
Bro Phil

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