Ask: What is meant by "extend Love"?

I wonder exactly what is meant by "extend love" or how one extends love. Is it a loving intention toward the person, or a wish for them, or what? Can you give an example? – JO

“Extending love” means replacing unloving thoughts in your mind with the awareness of Love in your mind. For example, your peace of mind is disturbed while watching something on television. Your peace is gone because you believe that what you see is reality. You extend Love in this situation by turning inward to Truth (God), feeling Love’s Presence within you, and remembering that It, not the images appearing, is What is Real.
It may take you a while to accept that only your own thoughts cause you pain. So at first you may feel that you need to extend Love “out there” to the images that seem to be causing you pain. Or you may extend Love to another who is sharing their painful story with you. You can do this by imagining the situation or the person in a Loving Light. Or you may use some other image to symbolize Truth. The idea is to replace what you are seeing or hearing with an image or idea that reminds that only the Truth is True. In time this practice will make you aware that the source of your pain is not the image that you are seeing or the story that you are hearing. Only your own thoughts can disturb your peace of mind. So if you want to be at peace you must extend Love in your awareness, which means in your mind.

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Anne-Marie said…
Well said. That is how it is...

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