Ask: Why do you need your learning most in upsetting situations?

As a student of the Course, I've learned that you'll need your learning the most in situations that appear to be upsetting rather than in those that are already calm and quiet. Why is that? Can you explain for me? - JJ

It’s not that you need your learning only when confronted with discordant appearances, but, perhaps, that you choose to use your learning only when confronted with discordant appearances.
The only way to lasting inner peace is through an awareness of Truth (God), but when one first becomes aware of Truth and experiences peace, they are not likely to accept yet that this is the only way to lasting peace. So, at first, when you are in pain, you are likely to turn to Truth only after you have exhausted all of the other ways that you have sought to relieve yourself. Then, when Truth brings you the relief that you want, you let It slip from your mind until you find yourself in pain again. In other words, at first, you use an awareness of Truth as a band-aid, rather than as the whole way to peace.
But, in time, it will dawn on you that really only an awareness of Truth brings you the peace that you seek, so you will call on It sooner rather than later when you find yourself confronted with an obstacle to peace (guilt, fear, attachment, projection). And, finally, it will one day occur to you that you do not have to wait for discord to bring Truth to mind; you will want to be aware of It as much as possible to stay in peace. Your commitment to inner peace will have deepened, and your whole life will be about maintaining inner peace. You will return your mind to Truth again and again throughout the day, and you will turn to It as soon as possible when an obstacle to peace arises in your mind. At this stage, there will be no distinction for you between appearances that once would have upset you and appearances that are calm and quiet, because you will choose to be always aware of Truth and at peace within.

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