Ask: What is one's relationship to a profound spiritual experience?

…In '84 I had an experience that has become central to my understanding of oneness. …I awoke… to discover that my body was visibly radiant with a golden energy, the heart being the locus. My initial concern was replaced with awe and a feeling of joyful exultation. I moved my attention from my body to discover that everything without exception (animate and inanimate) was radiant with this golden energy. I went outside...all was on fire with this golden light that, far from being a soft ephemeral glow, crackled with the intensity of a million volts. Emotionally I was overtaken with an awesome feeling of love and connectedness.After I came to normal consciousness, basking in the afterglow of this amazing experience, this instructive phrase was "given" to me (by the Holy Spirit?): Rest/abide as That I AM in, as, and through all arising. To this day, for me, this is the epitome of spiritual wisdom and a touchstone for truth.
…Now, for the question: What do you make of this? Is the Golden Fire/Light I witnessed God, The Eternal, Pure Consciousness, Oneness, All That Is, etc.? Or is the Fire/Light a primordial creation of Mind, (son of God?), forming the energetic matrix within which form appears to manifest?I guess, really my heart's question boils down to: What is the right relationship to an experience of this sort? Can, rightfully, anything at all be inferred or "known" by this? Is it merely another pointer, a metaphor, given by Spirit hinting at Truth?

It sounds like you had an experience that was similar to what Helen Schucman experienced in her holy relationship with Bill Thetford. In A Course in Miracles it refers to her seeing “Great Rays” instead of a body. You continued to see form as well as something that could be called “Great Rays”, but the lesson is the same. There is another way of seeing.
A revelation is a direct experience of God, Which is formless and imageless. What you experienced was a miracle. It was a shift in perception away from separation toward Oneness. The visual image of light touching everything was your mind’s metaphor for the Oneness that you were experiencing. Everything that you perceive is in your mind. God is everywhere because God is in your mind. You were also told this by, yes, the Holy Spirit.
One purpose of miracles is to demonstrate that the way that you perceive something is not fixed. It can be changed. You had a very dramatic experience of seeing the universe of form transformed, not from anything outside of you, but from within your own mind. But far, far more important than anything that you saw was what you experienced. Form and images will eventually fade from your mind, but your joyful experience of Oneness is eternal. So, as well as these other lessons, you learned that God is a real experience, not just a nice idea.

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Paul Wiscombe said…
The understanding I have been given is that form and image will remain. At source, all of God's creations stem from an Idea of God's and those Idea's if manifested, manifest as Spirit. In our belief in separation, the creations we see appear to be material. This is an illusion and SE was blessed with seeing through the illusion to the Truth. When one awakes, only our perception and experience of that which is Spirit changes forever (and will be similar to that which ES experienced, just more so). We have been, are and forever will be standing in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, we just ain't seeing it properly.
Paul Wiscombe said…
Sorry, one other comment! SE, what you experienced was your normal (true) state of being. What you returned to is your abnormal (false) state of being. But I think you know that anyway!!

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