Ask: What about making plans for uncertainties?

I wonder about insurances. Oddly, I have homeowner's and car insurance because they are required and they don't seem to concern me. I recently changed professions and now am without health insurance. I want to be open to guidance but find I am unsure. I know ACIM talks about not making plans for uncertainties. What are your thoughts regarding this? – PB

You are unsure what to do because you are concerned with acting in a way that is “right” or “good” or in line with Truth. This is a common mistake for new students of A Course in Miracles because you are used to thinking that the personal self is you and that the goal is for you to “fix” the personal self to be “right” in the eyes of a separate, authoritarian god.
But that god does not exist. It is only a projection of guilt. As the Course uses the word, God is the one Being that is, not something separate with authority over you. And the goal for you is not to be “right” but to return to your natural state of peace. The reason that you experience conflict is not because of “wrong” behavior, but because you are not aware that you are the one Being that is. You can only be at peace by being aware of God within your mind.
Your belief in the personal self and its story are obstacles to your awareness of God. So you do no have to make the personal self “right” or “good”, but you do want to let it go. In practice this means coming into the present and turning your mind inward to God again and again throughout the day as you let the body’s story unfold without judgment.
The body is only an idea in your mind. Its behavior follows from your thoughts. When your mind is centered in Truth (God) you are at peace. This shows up as you knowing how to direct the body for its well-being. This is what the Course means when it says that you don’t need to occupy your mind with plans for the body’s uncertain future.

If you do have a question about taking care of the body simply take it to the Holy Spirit. It is the Teacher of Truth in your mind and you can lay any question, spiritual or practical, at Its feet. You will always receive an answer. You may not hear the answer immediately, but you will when you are ready for it. If you feel that you have not received an answer and that you must take action, then do so and you will be guided.

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Anonymous said…
It seems like posing a question about ones body or any other aspect of the illusion is an attempt to make the dream better. Shouldn't we be asking the HS for help with how to forgive the dream and look past the issues that bother us. What kind of question might I pose if I were worried about losing my job?
ACIM Mentor said…
The Holy Spirit always meets you right where you are. You will not be able to recognize the universe of form and your story for yourself in it is not real until Truth is real to you. So first you have to build your awareness of Truth. This is what the Holy Spirit is for. You begin by sharing with the Holy Spirit what you are experiencing now. As the Holy Spirit beomes real to you, you will be able to forgive (release) the idea of the universe of form as reality.
Just talk to the Holy Spirit as you would a friend. Share your concerns and open your mind to the Holy Spirit's guidance, both spiritual and practical.

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