Ask: What is the experience of the "period of disorientation"?

On page 368 of The Message of A Course in Miracles (Chapter 16; VI The Bridge to the Real World) it says "In your transition there will be a period of confusion and disorientation but do not fear this because it only means that you have been willing to let go of your hold on the distorted frame of reference which seemed to hold your 'reality' together." What is the experience of this "period of confusion and disorientation”? How do you recognize it? – WW (September 23, 2011)

The transition mentioned here is how your whole awareness of Truth (God) unfolds. You feel discomfort the moment that you have an experience (miracle) that shows you that the universe of form, which you thought was reality, is not Reality. A single or even a few experiences are not enough to shift your mind entirely to an awareness that formless being is Reality. You must experience this awareness again and again to undo your fixed sense that the universe of form reality. Each time you feel disoriented and confused because you become uncertain of what is real and what is not real. As uncomfortable as this is it is a good sign because it means that you are on your way to accepting Reality.
You recognize the experience because you feel exactly as it says: disoriented and confused. You don’t know what anything means or how to look at anything. You feel like you don’t know who you are. You feel unmoored. In a sense, this is the whole overarching experience of being a student of the Course! But what I have experienced and what I have observed as a mentor is that this experience of disorientation is not constant. It happens each time that one has an experience of Truth that shifts them to an awareness that the experience they have of a universe of form is not real. Each time there is a brief, uncomfortable period of confusion and disorientation, which is then followed by a longer, quieter period of integrating what was learned. Then another experience comes and it all begins again!
Of course, after a while you recognize the process and you know what to expect, so it is not so uncomfortable. You ride out the disorientation because you know it will pass. In fact, you experience less disorientation as the Truth becomes True for you and your belief that the universe of form is reality gives way.

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Brooke said…
YOU ROCK! Thank you for continuing to show up here with your wisdom.
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Thank You!! Very helpful information!!!


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