Ask: Is it attacking my brother to file for child support?

I have a 14 teen year old daughter and her father feels that he shouldn't have to pay child support. I want to file for child support because I really do need his help. But when I bring it up to him he attacks me with his thoughts and then I feel guilty that I am attacking Christ.  Is it attack towards my brother to file for child support? I find my mind justifying my reasons and I get confused. I really want to release all attack thoughts because they bring nothing but hell to my dream. Sometimes I am confused about what is attack. – YH

            You “attack” yourself whenever you choose the personal thought system (ego) because it is not you. This is the same as attacking Christ, because Christ is the label given to the universal, eternal Truth in you. So everything that proceeds from your choice for the personal self then perpetuates your attack on yourself. This is not “bad” or “wrong”. Christ is not changed in any way by this. It is simply a mistake that brings you pain. So correction, not guilt, is justified. And the correction is to turn to Christ in your mind instead.
            Another is not Christ in their person, though Christ is in their mind whether or not they are aware of It. Filing papers to get your child’s father to contribute money to help you raise her is not an attack on Christ or even on him. It’s simply a legal means of asking him to take responsibility for what you feel is his responsibility. His attacking comes from the fear that he experiences identifying with a personal self. You are not responsible for undoing this; he is.

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Cathy Ginter said…
I might also suggest that it is only attack when our approach is charged with highly charged, emotional energy such as anger or resentment. Otherwise, it is a simple request... from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter
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