Ask: Can other parts of the sonship influence us while we're dreaming?

… is my illusion being impacted by a collective illusion? … if the Voice identified as Jesus broke into Helen's dream, can other spirits or parts of the sonship also influence us while we're dreaming: i.e. so called ascended masters or channeled souls, aliens, demons etc.?... P (March 30, 2012)

            There is only one mind that seems split between Truth (God) and not-Truth. A Course in Miracles calls this the “son of God”.  This is the one mind that is “dreaming” of the universe of form, time, and all of the stories in time. And each seemingly-individual mind projected into the dream also projects its own meaning onto the universe of form. So there is an overarching, or collective, dream in which cause and effect applies. This “story” is neutral in that it has no meaning in itself. And then there is also your individual dream, which is your projection of meaning onto the universe of form.
For example, if the company that you work for goes out of business then this has an impact on what you see as your individual story. But how you experience this occurrence is determined by the meaning that you project onto it. (Or you could choose to not project any meaning onto it at all).
There are only two voices in your mind: the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) and the personal thought system (ego). For some, the Teacher of Truth is represented to them in a specific form, like Jesus or another “ascended master”. For others, they recognize the Voice of Truth as the Truth in their mind reaching them and they do not assign It any specific form.
Any  other voice in your mind is not-Truth (ego). It’s part of the dream whether or not it seems to be the personal thought system in your mind or another voice in your mind that you “channel”. Whether you hear Truth or not-Truth you are influenced by either only by your own choice.
You may “hear” the Teacher of Truth as words in your mind, as unformed ideas, or as intuitions. You know when you are hearing Truth when you feel set free. The Truth is quiet and emotionally neutral, though It inspires joy in you. Not-Truth may communicate with you in the same ways, as well as with its tell-tale clamor. But it is never emotionally neutral and you never feel set free, joyous, or at peace when you hear it.

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