Ask: How can I let go of the wheel when I'm going 60mph on the freeway?

…But facing what I feel are the "facts" of the state I find I'm in, I can't do this when I'm driving my car and in heavy traffic on the freeway going 60 mph to simply say : "This is all not reality, it’s not, in Truth, happening and is an illusion.” With that I, simply let go of the wheel. Intentional or not the physical world is what it is for me. Telling the Holy Spirit that I don't know how to resolve this and turn it over to my Teacher I confidently fear such a physical act will harm me and many bodies. Forgive my mistaken thinking. I'm not intending to be argumentative but am truthfully wrangling with what's real, what's illusion and live in it without making things worse. In what I read currently I can't be in both "worlds" and expect the Holy Spirit to fix this… LM
Only the ego (personal thought system) would think it was necessary for you to let go of a steering wheel while going at 60mph on the freeway. To do what? Prove your trust in the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth)? The Holy Spirit will never test you. If you think that you are being tested or that you must prove something then you are listening to the ego.
There is a misconception at the heart of your question and it is that turning your mind over to the Holy Spirit means that the body stops acting. The difference between driving while consumed with ego thoughts and driving while centered in God (Truth) is that in the former you are in conflict and in the latter you are at peace. But the body is still doing the same thing: driving.
The body’s life in the world looks the same whether your mind is centered in Truth or it is centered in ego. It has a job, family, friends, hobbies, interests, etc. It eats, its sleeps, it watches TV, it goes on vacation, it brushes its teeth, etc. You know if you have peace by how you feel within, not by how the body’s life in the world looks.
There is no value in looking around at the universe of form and saying, “This is not real; it’s an illusion.” It is the ego that instructs this. It wants to keep your attention on form, even if it’s to futilely try to convince yourself that it is not real. You come to an awareness that illusion is illusion by turning away from it and turning inward to Truth instead. In time, as Truth becomes a real experience for you and not just a nice idea, it will be obvious to you that illusion is illusion. You do not have to lie to yourself or force this awareness. If you experience the world as very real, this is where the Holy Spirit will meet you. Invite It in to be your partner in everything and in time your awareness of It will be more real to you than form. You can only do this by being completely honest with yourself, and therefore with the Holy Spirit, about what you are experiencing.
Your mind cannot be in both ego and in Truth at the same time because your mind always commits completely. But you will vacillate between the two for a long time. The Holy Spirit cannot fix this, because the choice of which is more valuable to you is yours to make. But the Holy Spirit is always ready to come into your awareness when you are willing to have It in your awareness.

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Sue said…
Liz - this question may be almost too simple to ask, but I have been confused about the term "form" for quite awhile. I don't get any clarity from the text or from the Holy Spirit (although I must say I haven't waited very long for an answer) Is "form" what the body sees, hears, thinks, etc. Is it that simple and I've overlooked it?
ACIM Mentor said…
Yes, it's that simple. Another way to look at it is anything that has a boundary or can be measured is a form. So even things that are unseen, like thoughts - just as you mentioned - as well as energy, gases, etc.
Sue said…
Well, that about covers everything, doesn't it? Just as the text says - no wonder the "dream" feels so real!
Thanks, Liz

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