Ask: How does the Course fit in with the fear eating at me?

I have been studying the Course for 3 years now…My life in the world is stressful, I have enough money to sustain myself for a few more months, and then......  Being 70 makes it difficult.  I am distracted by the pressures of survival… I love the Course, it does and has sustained me.  Just wonder where it fits with the fear that is eating me. - CG

It sounds like A Course in Miracles is a bunch of nice ideas for you but that you are not really experiencing Truth (God) within you enough to trust It yet. Trust that you will be guided as to how to take care of the personal self will only come when Truth is a real experience for you. So your first object is to develop your awareness of Truth. Your situation is a perfect opportunity to do so. Ask the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) for guidance about money and any other issue bothering you. You will always be answered. You may not accept the answer the moment you ask, but it will come to you when you are open and willing to hear it.
Fear will come and go as you grow your awareness of the Truth and learn that your trust in It is justified. But now that you’ve chosen peace everything, including fear, has the new purpose of being an opportunity to bring Truth to your mind. The more you call on the Teacher of Truth and accept It into your awareness the faster your trust in It will grow. Make the Teacher of Truth your Constant Companion and in time fear will fall away.
If you find it hard to call on the Teacher of Truth or to hear It then you want to look at the thoughts in your mind that are blocking your awareness of Truth. These will be some form of guilt or unworthiness. You need to bring these thoughts to the light so that you can undo them with the Teacher of Truth. This may seem circular – you have to call on What you fear to help you undo your fear of It – and this is why growing trust in Truth is so slow going at the beginning. But it does grow over time and you will find peace.

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