Ask: Do you think it's possible to not be reincarnated?

I don't want to be reincarnated.  I know that I am "Home" already, and if I fully believed that would cease to appear to exist here in form.  When I die, or transition, from this "world", I don't want to come back (be reincarnated).  I don't want to experience a life time of searching for the Truth and finally finding it after years of believing the insanity and experiencing the pain of this life.  I want to go "Home" - all the way Home.  When I think of reincarnating I feel a kind of despair (which I know exists only because I believe it).  Do you think it's possible not to have to "come back"?  - KS

You will be happy to know that there is no such thing as reincarnation. As it says in A Course in Miracles:

In the ultimate sense, reincarnation is impossible. There is no past or future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times. Reincarnation cannot, then, be true in any real sense. Our only question should be, "Is the concept helpful?" (M-24.1)

I suggest you re-read question 24 in the Manual for Teachers. Reincarnation is only a concept, not reality. When one has not yet experienced the eternal (timeless) Truth within they are only aware of the personal thought system (ego) in their mind. So the only way that they can understand that they do not die is to believe that some aspect of the personal identity goes on when the body dies. For those individuals reincarnation may be a comforting concept for a time. The concept becomes an obstacle to peace, however, if they are not willing to let it go and let Truth into their awareness now.
And once you do experience Truth you understand that you are already “Home”, as you say. The rest is an illusion and will fall away. What does it matter if you still perceive it? It is nothing! Remember this and don’t give it power over you. Only the Truth is true. Be present to the eternal Truth within and simply observe without judgment the story of time passing before you. This is the way to be Home now.

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Will said…

It seems to me that the mind that created the dream is every bit as strong as the part of the split mind that didn't. We (the ego) don't get to decided when or if we will leave the dream. Doing the Course we are all working to the goal of Reality. But that's all it is in the dream, a goal, a motivator to keep going. What never seems to get addressed is what after all your efforts, for whatever reason, you don't obtain the goal? Again it seems to me that you stay in the dream whatever that entails. It's not possible in the dream to make believe your in Reality. For me, Reality is just a word that signifies a goal. Meanwhile I keep trudging forward on faith.
Will said…

That was a good question by the way. Maybe others will jump in.
ACIM Mentor said…
You do decide when to let go of the dream, Will, either through the death of the body or by choosing to awaken from the dream. It is only an idea in your mind. You are not in the world. It is in you.

You cannot fail because you are already Home in God. The Course says this many times. It's the ego that sees God as some future goal. You can turn within right now and be with God (Holy Instant).

The Truth (God) in you is always true. It is not true only after the body dies. You are simply unaware of It. You do not have to attain or achieve or reach Truth. You only have to undo your obstacles to the awareness that It is in you right now.

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