Ask: How do I find peace when a family member is suffering?

I find it very hard to find peace when a family member is suffering.  My son who has terrible allergies suffers with chronic itching and pain.  Doctors are not able to help him as of yet.  I know that all illness comes from the mind.  My son is an atheist and does not believe as I do.  How do I find peace when I know someone I love is suffering?  And, is it possible to heal him without him knowing how he was healed. – SM

Until the Truth (God) is real to you it will be very hard for you to watch loved ones suffer because you will think that you are looking at reality. So until Truth is real and true for you use those appearances in form that disturb your peace to remind you to turn your mind inward to Truth. Simply quiet your mind and invite Truth into your awareness. You can do this in a moment or as a longer meditation when you have the time. This is how you can use what is not true to grow your awareness of Truth.
Your willingness to be aware of Truth is all that is needed for It to grow in your awareness. And the effect of inviting Truth into your awareness is comfort and peace and answers at the level of form that you can understand at the time.
In time your awareness of Truth will grow to the point where you know that It is Truth. Then when your peace is disturbed by an appearance you will turn your mind away from what is occurring in the universe of form and remind yourself that only the Truth is True. This will re-center your mind in Truth and shift you back into peace. This is how to use what is not true to remind you of Truth again and again.
The Truth in your mind is the same Truth in your son’s mind. That is all that is real in either of you. And It is whole (healed) forever. Everything else falls away. By focusing on the Truth in his mind rather than on a passing appearance you reinforce the Truth in both of your minds. You reinforce the awareness that in Truth he is already healed (whole). But the body in his mind will only be healed when he wants it to be healed. This will show up either as doctors, practitioners, medicines, treatments, etc. that work (common) or through spontaneous healing (rare). He will make this decision, consciously or unconsciously, when the value of the body being healed outweighs the value of it being itchy and painful. So the body’s healing is wholly up to him. And your part is simply to know the Truth for him until he is ready to accept It for himself.

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