Ask: "My holiness" isn't working...

I have a family member who's had a rough time of it for quite a while.  He got married, quickly had 2 children, then the marriage went sour and now he is dealing with a narcissistic ex-wife who seems determined to make his life a misery and a job that takes up most of his time. I get upset about the situation he's in and sometimes cry over his situation.  I think "There is nothing my holiness cannot do..." but it doesn't seem to work.  Then I get angry that this whole story is appearing and become impatient that he's not changing.  I'm furious with his ex-wife too. – SD

            It is your belief that what is appearing is real and true that is making you unhappy. If you are willing to be aware of your Holiness, or the Truth (God) within you, then this awareness will lift you out of your fixed belief in the world as reality. But this is not going to change the world. It will change your relationship to the world.
            The universe of form is the opposite of Truth in every way. It is an experience of lack, limitation, and loss. Everyone in it is in pain. This makes them resort to inappropriate and ineffective means to ease their pain. Some resort to attacking others in the hope that this will bring them relief. Of course, no form of external searching works. They are looking for the Wholeness that they can find only within.
            Be grateful that you know where to find Wholeness and don’t have to be in pain. When you see something in the world that makes you unhappy use it as a reminder to turn inward to Truth. As your awareness that only the Truth is true grows your experience of inner peace will transcend all appearances of dysfunction and disorder. This is how your Holiness takes care of every problem.

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