Ask: What happens to the spirits/souls of psychopaths?

In the tri-union of mind, body, spirit, what happens to the spirits/souls of psychopaths? Those defined as “individuals who are often intelligent and highly charismatic, but display a chronic inability to feel guilt, remorse, or anxiety about any of their actions.”
            My understanding is that a psychopath also cannot genuinely feel or display love, either. Yet, our essence is essentially the energy of love. Can you explain? – DL

            There are no souls or individual spirits. There is only one Truth (Spirit) and It is universal. It is the same in every seemingly-individual mind. It is all that is real and eternal in any mind. Everything else is false and falls away.
The body, the mind, and Spirit (Truth) do not form a union. Mind is the aspect of Truth through which Truth knows Itself.  They are one and the same. The body and its thought system (ego/personal thought system) are ideas in the mind. They are a mistaken identity.  They are an illusion. They are completely apart from Truth. Your seemingly-individual mind is split between this illusion of identity and Truth. Your mind is affected by which of these you choose to have in your awareness, but illusion and Truth never intersect within your mind. Your concept of a self (body/personal thought system) and its story never affects the Truth in your mind. And it never becomes Truth. This is true for every seemingly-individual mind. To understand this is to understand true forgiveness.
            Human love and True Love are not the same. Humans are social animals and depend on each other for survival. Human “love” in all of its forms is attachment for survival of the species. Psychopaths are humans who are unable to experience this attachment and contribute in that way to survival of the species. They are also unable to experience social guilt. So some of them are actively destructive to their own species. But none of this has anything at all to do with Truth. It is just part of the story for a world that is meant as a substitute reality for Truth. In its entirety the world is only a mistaken concept of reality. It is not real. None of it ever attains Truth.
            True Love is universal and apart from the world. It is not energy, which is form, so part of the illusion. True Love is formless, infinite, and eternal. It has no purpose but to be. It is everywhere, always. It is in every seemingly-individual mind, beyond the story of a self, however that shows up. A mind may or may not choose to be aware of Truth. But this has no effect on Truth, only on the mind making the choice.

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jacomina said…
This is just an amazing example of Liz's insight. I wish I was there.
Chris said…
If true love is formless, without subject and object, with the sole purpose to be, why refer to it as "love"? Why not call it "peace" or "desirelessness", which seem to fit that state better? What makes it "love"?

Thank you in advance.
ACIM Mentor said…
Chris, the experience feels like the Love we seek in relationships with others but never find there. It is an experience of Wholeness. You can call It a lot of things, including what you wrote, but when you experience It you recognize, "THIS is Love!"

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