Ask: Do we each share a projection or live in our own projection?

I get confused about if there is one projection that we all share or if we are each living in our own projection…

            It’s both. Not-Truth is a universe of form projected from one split mind. This projection includes billions of versions of the split-mind which make their own projections of meaning onto the universe of form. These projections are what make the experience seem dense, multi-layered, complex, mesmerizing, and convincing to each seemingly-individual mind.
The shared projection, or macro-projection, is the larger story for space and time that is generally agreed upon by the split minds. This projection has no meaning in itself. Each seemingly-individual mind makes the macro-projection meaningful to itself through its own projections of meaning. These micro-projections are made from each self’s individual story in time. So, for example, Letitia and Jose are looking up at a vast, cloudless, blue sky. They agree that the sky looks vast, cloudless, and blue. But when Letitia looks at the vast blue sky she sees an aspect of nature that she considers beautiful. And when Jose looks at the sky he sees a shade of blue that is the color of the favorite t-shirt of his abusive step-father. Letitia enjoys looking at the sky because to her it is just something pretty. Jose doesn’t want to look at it at all because for him its color is infused with painful meaning.
For further examples of this just watch the talking heads discuss an issue on any TV news program. Each looks out at the same forms but through their own set of filters and values derived from their own personal story. So while they all seem to live in the same macro-world they actually respond to their own private micro-world. And each thinks that their “world”, which is really their mind’s unique filter through which they look at form, is “right”. This is why everyone eventually conflicts with everyone else, even when they sometimes agree on much. So what they say actually reveals more about them than about the issues that they discuss.
So you seem to live in a blank macro-projection. It functions as a screen onto which you can project meaning or not. When you do project meaning onto the macro-projection both the macro-projection and your micro-projections seem like reality to you. But when you learn that you already have Everything (Truth, God) within you, you will feel free to withdraw meaning from a meaningless world. You will just observe it passing by as you rest in peace within.

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Unknown said…
Hi Liz;

Thanks for your answer on this. I struggle a bit with the macro projection being some that "split minds generally agree on".

It seems to me the macro projection comes from the One Mind and has at least some objective properties. A simple thought experiment can demonstrate this: we could both agree to pick up the same newspaper from the same day and agree to read a particular article on a particular page. We would both perceive identical written text that was created by a third split mind who has no knowledge of you or I. This seems to be a pretty objective, there is no nothing subjective or illusory about the plain black text, although of course each reader would perhaps interpret the meaning of the text subjectively.

Or as another example, a baby falls down. Is not the law of gravity independently at work here? Does a baby really agree to a macro projection that they fell down? Or do they inherent this collective conditioning prior to becoming a split mind?

Not really trying to argue a particular case here, just trying to understand the ACIM POV a little bit better.
Thanks Liz.
ACIM Mentor said…
The macro projection does have objective properties. They are without meaning in themselves. If you see meaning that is what you project.

The baby does not agree to fall down. Next week's newsletter may go more into what you are thinking about here.
will said…
Good questions.

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