Ask: How do I know which teachers to follow?

I’m new to A Course in Miracles. There seem to be so many books about and teachers of ACIM and often what they teach seems to conflict. How do I know who to follow?

            The only Perfect Teacher is the Holy Spirit within you. Teachers in the world are imperfect. We teach because we are still learning. Teachers are at various stages in their awareness of Truth. This can make it seem like we contradict each other when it is just that some are more aware of Truth than others. If we are truly open to the Holy Spirit then our teaching evolves as we grow more aware of God (Truth). And this can make it seem like what we teach now contradicts some of our own past teachings.
Teachers in the world are instruments of the Holy Spirit for you only when you follow the Holy Spirit within you. So be sure to first invite the Holy Spirit into your awareness when you choose to read or to listen to teachers in the world. Otherwise you will only reinforce the ego (personal thought system) in your mind. You will know that you are learning from the Holy Spirit when you experience clarity and liberation from guilt and fear.
            You are automatically drawn to teachers who model what you want. If you want to intellectually understand ACIM you will be attracted to teachers who have a deep intellectual understanding of it. If you are looking for a spiritualized life in the world then you will be drawn to teachers who spiritualize the ego. If you want inner peace you will be drawn to teachers who have inner peace. As you grow aware of Truth your goal for yourself may change. You will find your attraction to teachers of your old goal falling away to make room for teachers of your new goal.
            Only the Holy Spirit knows what you need right now to move you toward your goal. But you may not yet be confident in your ability to hear the Holy Spirit. Or you may feel blocked in your awareness of the Holy Spirit. So until you are more certain of the Holy Spirit in yourself bring your confusion and questions to a teacher who teaches from the Holy Spirit. Find someone who models what you want. And be sure that they help you to hear the Holy Spirit in yourself.
           In time you will be able to bring your questions directly to the Holy Spirit. This practice will not only result in you having the answers that you need at the time but it will also strengthen your awareness of the Holy Spirit. And this is the real value in any spiritual study. In time, as the Holy Spirit becomes a real Presence for you, studying will fall away. You will learn directly from the Holy Spirit within you.

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