Ask: So if I choose my illness do animals, plants, and children choose too?

So if I am choosing my illness, what about animals? What about plants? They get diseases, too. What about infants and small children who get sick? Are they all choosing, too?

            The entire universe of form, including all plants and animals, is a projection of not-Truth from the split mind. As not-Truth it is inherently limited, imperfect, and disordered. The split mind projects itself into not-Truth by projecting itself onto only one animal – humans. Your seemingly-individual split mind is a projection of THE split mind projected onto a specific human animal in the projection. So it seems as though humans have a choice where plants and other animals do not even though they are all equally not-True.
With regard to the body, choice occurs in your mind in two ways, generally and specifically.  When you choose to identify with a body you choose all of the imperfection and disorder that comes with it. Then within this general choice you make specific conscious and unconscious choices that affect the body.
The body is under the physical laws of the universe of form. You are not a body so these laws have no effect on you, but when you identify with a body you think that what is happening to the body is happening to you. Under the laws of the universe of form body disorders are caused by the body’s genes, its environment, its energy, and its behavior. You do not personally or individually choose the body’s genes. They are part of the projection in which you seem to find yourself in your identification with a particular body. Sometimes you choose the body’s environment; sometimes that choice is made for you (parents when you are young; pollution that you are unaware of, etc.). You do make choices that affect the body’s energy and behavior.
For some, genetically or environmentally caused disorders show up earlier than it does for others. This accounts for disorders in infants and young children. Sometimes you may unconsciously choose specific forms of disorders or injuries. You may do this to get attention, to punish yourself, to play the martyr, to get rest, etc. You also make behavioral choices that affect the body’s health (smoking, eating healthier foods, etc.). And you make choices that determine the energy in and around the body and this can result in diseases manifesting in the body.
As a version of the split mind you always have the choice to identify with a body (not-Truth) or with the other part of your split mind, Truth. But you are not likely to become aware of this choice until you reach an age where you think independently and you start asking questions about your true nature.
You cannot transcend the body and identify with it at the same time. You transcend the body by identifying with Truth instead. Until you are wholly identified with Truth you will experience the body and all of the limitations that come with it.
It is important to remember that disorders in the body are not wrong or bad or sinful. Like the body itself they simply are not True. A body in your awareness in any condition only means that you have not-Truth in your mind. And not-Truth is nothing. You can choose to focus on what is not True and be in conflict. Or you can choose to use experiences in the body to remind you to turn inward and grow your awareness of Truth. When you are aware of Truth the peace that you experience transcends all conflict, limitations, imperfections, and disorders.

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Anonymous said…
So while humans can heal themselves of an illness, plants and animals cannot?
ACIM Mentor said…
Plants and animals do not have minds. Animals have brains. In some ways animals do choose healing. For example, my dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up when they are nauseous. So they have instincts that guide them to some healing. Humans are "higher" animals that have and make more options for healing.
Anonymous said…
But what is the origin of disease in plants and animals, then?

It cannot be their thoughts since they don't have a mind.
ACIM Mentor said…
The entire universe of form is a thought in one mind. It is a disordered thought. That shows up as illness and disorders in plants and animals, including humans. The personal experience will never be perfect because it the opposite of God (Perfection) in every way.
Anonymous said…
I see.
An affirmation came to my mind just a little while ago:

"You are not the body, but you can take care of the body and love it."
Anonymous said…
Liz, How can I help my daughter who has a sick toddler? My daughter is an agnostic who recognizes there probably is a Higher Being, but that's pretty much where it ends. My granddaughter has been diagnosed with a (formerly) rare disease which is life long but not fatal. It involves being allergic to many prepared food ingredients such as soy, gluten, nuts, milk, eggs. She is 19 months old and currently not doing well. I take responsibility for how my thinking-mind is viewing this, however, my maternal instincts urge me to do 'something' to help my daughter and granddaughter. Would visualizing work or praying?

Any thoughts on this?
Thank you in advance.
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, what you can do is be there to support your daughter. Let her vent to you and give her understanding and sympathy. Most people just want to be heard and understood. That's all the love that they can accept.

If you are thinking of praying or visualizing to change things, then, no those will not work. But if you are thinking of doing those things to comfort yourself, then they may be helpful to you.
Anonymous said…
Liz - my beloved pet suddenly became sick and died. Did I project this illness on her? Did she choose it? I am so overwhelmed with grief and confusion.
ACIM Mentor said…
I'm sorry for your loss, Anonymous. Please read the article. No one chose your pet's illness. What happens at the level of form is the result of cause and effect at the level of form. The level of form is imperfect and limited. It is the opposite of Truth in every way. But the Truth goes on completely untouched by any of it.
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