Ask: Do you think all of the channeled material available now is authentic?

There seems to be so much “channeled” material available now. Do you think that it is all authentic? 

I’m sure that the vast majority of channeled material out there is offered sincerely. I have not looked at any of it extensively. But I have looked into some of it and generally I’ve found the usual religion-like jumble of Truth and spiritualizing the personal thought system (ego) that indicates that the channeler is not very advanced in their awareness of Truth.
There are limitations to material channeled by people who have not yet spent the many years it takes to sort out the Voice of Truth in their mind from the personal thought system. They often do not realize that the personal thought system has gotten involved in their channeling. And even when the personal thought system is not involved their inward hearing is not perfect. They are the first student of the material that they channel. And the material often far outstrips their awareness of Truth. So they do not notice incongruities or ask for clarity. Sometimes this is because they feel that they are not worthy to question what they hear. And often they want what they channel to be “pure” so they are reluctant to involve themselves with it. But what they do not realize is that questioned and clarified material is purer because questions are how one gets past their own limitations in hearing.
A teacher who is advancing in their experience of Truth feels incongruities and inconsistencies, whether they channel material or they teach in collaboration with the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) in their minds. They question what does not feel right. This leads to them receiving correction for what they misheard. Or it leads to them receiving clarification on the issue that seemed incongruent. Either way, it makes their teaching purer.

Critical thinking is an essential part of spiritual study because all spiritual material comes through imperfect teachers. So always invite the Teacher of Truth into your awareness when you study, whether the material is channeled or it is written from the teacher’s own experience. When you feel confusion or you notice incongruities or inconsistencies discuss them with the Teacher of Truth. This will “purify” anything that you study. And it is a great way to grow your awareness of the Teacher of Truth within you, which is the only real value of study anyway.

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Sol said…

If I'm understanding you correctly then ACIM has its limitations since its a channeled work (yes, some will disagree with the thought that it was channeled) put into writing by Helen Schucman who was very new to the teachings of Truth.

ACIM Mentor said…
Yes. All teachings in the world are limited. That's why you want to always be led by the Holy Spirit within in your studies.

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