Ask: How do I practically apply "salvation lies in your brother"?

Salvation lies in your brother – the power and glory are in him. The inference is that there is no salvation without your brother’s. How do you respond to this in a practical way? – TS

            Helen Shucman and Bill Thetford were in a unique Holy Relationship where they were at an equal teaching/learning level. They were partners in salvation [correction of the perception of separation from God (Truth)] in a way that most students do not experience. They each, simultaneously, saw Christ (the part of every mind that is One with God) in their minds reflected in the other. As it says in the Manual for Teachers, these relationships are rare.
            What this quote was saying to them was that the Christ that each saw reflected in the other was salvation for them because it showed them that they were not separate from God. They could see Christ in the other because the Christ Mind was in their own minds.

            But you do not need to have a partner in salvation in the world as Bill and Helen did to learn from their lesson. You can see Christ in others even if others are not aware of It in themselves because Christ is in you. You “save” yourself by practicing seeing Christ in them to grow your awareness of the Christ Mind in you. Once you have even a dim awareness of Christ in your mind you can remind yourself when you are with others that that same Christ Mind is in them, too. You can remind yourself that Christ is all that is real and true in anyone. You can save yourself from the false perception that you are separate from God.

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