Ask: Do you pray that we don't go to war?

Liz, what do you do when you see something like we may go to war again? Do you pray that we don’t go to war? (September 20, 2013)

            As I released my projections of meaning onto the universe of form the world became very two-dimensional for me. So now the world is like a blank screen. It’s a lot like walking around on a theatrical set in which no play is being put on. The set and props have no meaning without a story. So without me projecting a story, or meaning, onto events in the world they no longer stand out as special or significant to me. All of not-Truth (universe of form) is all the same. I see no difference between a hang-nail and a war and a butterfly and a rainbow. They are merely different expressions of not-Truth. I do not mean that things appear the same to me. The body’s eyes see differentiation, size, degree, etc. But my experience of not-Truth has flattened out.
Of course personal opinions pop up in my mind about events in the world, but what are they but nothing thoughts about nothing? My thoughts about not-Truth are just another part of not-Truth. I observe them just as I observe the world. I let them come up and I let them go. I do not live there anymore.
            As for prayer, to what would I pray? There is no power outside of me to petition. My experience is between me (split mind) and Me (True Mind), not between me and some outside power. Not-Truth and Truth are the two experiences within me. But they are diametrically opposed and they do not intersect. I do not ask Truth to change not-Truth because there is no relationship between them. And why would I want to change what isn’t true unless I thought it was true? The problem, then, would be in me, not in what I thought was true.
            And even if the world were true how would I know what had to happen in the grand scheme of things? It would only be the arrogance of the personal thought system (ego) to think I knew how the world should be. Perhaps what I judged wrong or bad was somehow necessary.

            But of course, the world is not my reality, and only my judging it makes it seem real to me. My goal is to know Truth to be at peace so I am not interested in maintaining my belief in what is not real by seeking to transform it. I want to transcend my belief that what is not real is my reality. And I do this not by looking at it and praying that it will change to be what I personally want it to be. Nor do I look at it and then try to deny it. Instead, I accept that it is what it is and turn inward to Truth. Whatever I attend to with my mind is what is real to me and what will grow in my awareness.

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Frank C said…
What immediately comes up for me (and I'm sure others may wonder, too) is "what do I DO in a world that MEANS nothing"? It can seem like your answer promotes a sense of hopelessness and helplessness in the face of all the "challenges" that seem to engulf us each day, as we navigate through the "illusion". For me, as my investment in the world of separation (this apparent reality) lessens, I've learned to turn to my Inner Guidance (the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Truth) to inspire me as to what action to take next. It is an ongoing conversation, or, rather, a communion, that connects me with my Authentic Self and guides me, every moment of every day. It can be challenging, at times, to carry on a "normal" conversation with most people, since they are so focused on what is wrong "out there" and they are expecting me to agree (or argue) with them... sometimes, I just do not know what to say! When this happens, I just stop, ask for help and healing inside, remind myself that I'm in the presence of another Holy Child of God, "see" their perfection, let it reflect back into my mind (so I can remember Who I AM), and then I speak whatever I feel moved to say.... it can be quite startling at times, but it always seems appropriate.

I think that no matter how you look at it, it never does any good to deal with "world problems" in any other way... really, what good has it ever done to discuss, argue and blame? To me, there is only ONE way to bring peace to this world and that is by maintaining PEACE within ME! Where else could it possibly begin??
Anonymous said…
"I let them come up and I let them go."

How do you do that? I don't know how to let it go.. Or what am I doing wrong?

ACIM Mentor said…
If you are not ready to let go of projections of meaning you cannot force it. For me it became possible when I realized they were only my own thoughts. And I could only accept that when the Truth was true for me. Otherwise, all I had were the ego-thoughts. So first grow your awareness of Truth. Everything else will follow.
Anonymous said…

Christine said…
Your post reminds me of the song Julie Andrews sang in "The Sound of Music", in which one line was, "Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could." Then it went on to say a magical statement: "So, somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good."
I drive past a brand new house which was built really close to a busy road I travel - and every time I see it I think how there are no 'stories' in or about that home - yet!! It's an empty shell waiting to be projected upon!

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