Ask: Does thinking ever stop?

“…A question occurred to me thinking about consciousness/knowledge/awareness.
I can experience awareness of Christ around and within me; I can ‘sense’ this awareness as being enveloped in the arms of Christ/God/Holy Spirit; and I wonder: what about abstract thoughts, i.e. connected to ideas of logic, are they – where? Form? I remember reading/hearing a long time ago that real thinking never stops. Do you agree?...”
 - T

            Once, many years ago, while meditating I slipped into a Place Where there was no thought or ideas. I had expected there were no words in Truth but not no thoughts or ideas at all. I experienced pure being. No forms (thoughts, ideas); no doing (thinking). It was so alien to my usual experience that I would not have been able to conceive of it if I had not experienced it. It what total bliss! What release and freedom! No boundaries of any kind. I had no idea what a burden thoughts and thinking are, no matter their form. So I will say that, thankfully, thinking does stop.
All thought is form. Some thoughts are helpful (from the Holy Spirit/Teacher of Truth) and some are not (from the ego/personal thought system). So if you have thoughts you know your mind is at the level of perception/consciousness/awareness (not-Truth) rather than Knowledge (Truth/God).

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Christine said…
I had this experience also, a couple of years ago. I was not meditating, but I was riding my horse by myself coming back towards the barn on a trail. Everything disappeared, even my horse! There was light everywhere and a peaceful silence. It must have lasted for three or four seconds. I wasn't scared, but more relieved than blissful. This is not a "goal" specifically for anyone to experience, maybe yes, maybe no.
Unknown said…
Did your thoughts stop permanently or was this just a temporary experience?
ACIM Mentor said…
Ryan, it was just a temporary experience.
Unknown said…
Is it possible for thoughts to stop permanently?

It seems possible to remain unattached, however I think they will keep on coming.

Thanks for your reply
ACIM Mentor said…
Ryan, at the level of perception thoughts do not stop. But you learn to stop listening to the ego's thoughts. In Truth (Knowledge/God), Which is Formless, there are no thoughts (forms).
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