Ask: Does ACIM teach that consciousness expresses itself in form?

I am trying to reconcile the teaching of the Course which teaches everything is an illusion that is not God with the teachings of other spiritual teachers of consciousness which state that everything we see is ultimately consciousness. For example, Eckhart Tolle teaches that when you are with nature, you can sense the presence beneath....consciousness expressing itself as that form.  In the Course it seems to teach that everything is illusion.  Does the course not believe that consciousness expresses itself in form?” – MB
            Because you seem to experience a reality that is apart from Reality (Truth, God), A Course in Miracles discusses your mind as though it has two levels – Truth and illusion. The level of Truth it calls God, Reality, or Knowledge. The level of illusion it calls perception, consciousness, or awareness. Truth is formless so form is an illusion. Consciousness, then, is not Truth. It is form and expresses itself through form.
At its highest, consciousness is an awareness or perception of Truth, but not Truth Itself. And this level of awareness is what prepares you for the “last step”: to be Truth. So it is still an illusion, but one which prepares you for Truth. Without this preparation the contrast between Truth and illusion would be too stark for you to accept Truth.
            Semantics can get in the way when you are studying spiritual teachings. It’s hard to know what others mean by “consciousness” or “awareness”. They often do not use those words the same way that they are used in ACIM. So some may use them to mean what ACIM means by “God” (True Being) for example. And others may use those words in the same context as ACIM.

            So as far as those words are used by ACIM  it is correct to say that consciousness expresses itself as form. “Consciousness” as you used it in your question means the “Son of God” or the “split mind” – the part of God’s Mind that seems to be split off from God and projects the universe of form. As a projection of this split mind your seemingly-individual mind is split between God (Christ/Holy Spirit) and illusion (ego). And on a seemingly-individual level your awareness of (consciousness of, perception of) God affects your attitudes, behavior, choices, and energy. So your awareness of God affects your relationship to form at the level of form. But God never takes form or expresses Itself as form. The experience of God (Formlessness) is completely apart from consciousness (form).

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