Ask: Does the Holy Spirit speak quickly and first?

“…My question is…does the holy spirit speak quickly and first with lightning speed?  I find I feel this voice may be the correct voice since it sounds definite and inspired. The answer almost seems to come out of nowhere and not even have thinking involved, just a kind of knowing…” – AB

The two voices speak for different interpretations of the same thing simultaneously; or almost simultaneously, for the ego always speaks first. – T-5.VI.3

The ego always speaks first…The Holy Spirit does not speak first, but He always answers. – T-6.IV.1,3

As a rule, it is the ego that speaks with lightning speed. This is especially true when you look on a person or situation or you are seeking an answer. But sometimes when your mind is quiet and relaxed you may hear the Holy Spirit spontaneously. You may hear words or you may have unformed thoughts that seem to rise up into your conscious awareness and take form there.

It takes a while to sort out the Holy Spirit and the ego (personal thought system) because the ego will try to mimic the Holy Spirit. You can recognize the difference in this way:

The Holy Spirit’s answer is quiet and you do have a sense of deep “knowing”. Its response is without emotional charge (although you may react emotionally afterward). The Holy Spirit never judges. It observes and it may explain. The Holy Spirit never inspires guilt. It inspires liberation from guilt so you have a sense of release or relief.

The experience of the Holy Spirit is “light”, both in the sense of illumination and in not bearing any weight. It inspires a sense of “lifting”.

The experience of the Holy Spirit quiets your mind, at least for a moment.

The ego is usually emotional, but it may try to mimic emotional neutrality. However, you can recognize it by the content of its response. It will be judgmental or evaluative (good/bad, right/wrong, better-than/worse-than, etc.). It always leads to increased guilt and fear.

The experience of the ego is dark and heavy, but when you are used to it you may not recognize this until you experience lightness. It either maintains or increases your sense of being burdened.  It maintains or increases the chatter in your mind.

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Unknown said…
It is an important question to ask though. The more we seek his imput,the more we are aware of the sureness of the answer, because its always Peace with Love,first. Its deep and leaves us with no doubt. Thats how I've come to distinguish HS from ego. Ego may try to mimic but there is the absence of the deep abiding Peace with Love or Love with Peace.
Christine said…
I look at one's awareness of the Holy Spirit's communicating as being an "inspirience" rather than an "experience". When you've had a revelation it is the result of shedding layers of fear/ just happens, you can't force It to happen. And when you look around, nothing has really changed, but your Awareness has.
Unknown said…
We have the Spoken Word, ACIM; Surely our function now is to study and learn it and listen for the guidance to understand it ?
Anonymous said…
How do you feel after you follow the guidance? Do you feel happy, peaceful, uplifted? If so, that is the spirit. Here's a great video by my favourite ACIM teacher on this topic, you may find helpful.

Blessings to you!

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