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Last week I wrote about how this mind has come to an awareness of the self’s life in the world as an effect and not a cause. It is an effect whose cause passed the instant it was caused, so therefore it is over. This means, in essence, that what you see unfolding in the universe of form has really passed. This does not mean, strictly speaking, that what you see passing in time is predestined. What you see is done, therefore, it is not to be done. You are really looking back at an idea that is over (and therefore cannot be changed), not living in a predetermined idea unfolding. However, since you think that you are in time, and that the idea began long ago and will be undone in some indefinite future, you experience it as though it is unfolding now.

The reason this mind used to get stuck on this idea that time is over and what it is seeing is past was that, as a self-starter, it felt so self-directed. The piece that this mind was missing (other than the fact that it is a mind and not a self) was that its personal desires and motivations were part of this unfolding. Its personal desires and motivations were the universe living through the self. So this mind experienced it as though the self was autonomous even though it was not. The self is part of a greater story played out through the self’s story and the stories of every other self.

One of the ways that the personal thought system (ego) twists this awareness that what is unfolding is done is to de-motivate you. If everything is going to unfold as it will unfold and you cannot affect it why do anything? But that is really an upside-down way to look at it. Whatever you end up doing (or not doing) is part of the unfolding. You only have to live naturally, as you have been living. You have all along been a part of the unfolding. The only difference now is that you know it. In the personal thought system you ask, “What do I want? And how do I make it happen?” Instead, you can say, “I want _____ for the self. Is this desire the unfolding universe living through the self or is it just how I’m trying to fill a sense of lack? I will let it unfold naturally. If there is any action to take I will know what to do.” You can sit back and let your intuition guide you. To live in the flow of the unfolding universe is a much more harmonious way to live.

If you still need a sense of purpose for the self, here it is: The self’s life is part of a greater whole. What is its part? A clue is in what is authentic to the self. What has it always wanted? How and where does it feel it is most itself? Perhaps it has always known its part. In any case, however its life unfolds is the self’s purpose. Until you are aware of and living in the flow you will continue to feel self-directed. And that, too, is a part of the unfolding. You do not have to live in a worry that you can do something wrong. You cannot be out of the flow of the universe. You can only be unaware of the flow. Anything that happens is what happened.

So where does free will come into this? The self does not have free will. The self is an expression of a will that is free. That will is the will of what I call the “split-mind” and what A Course in Miracles calls the “Son of God”. In the introduction to ACIM about free will it says, “Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum.” This means that you do not get to choose that, in your sense that you are not your true Being (“separated from God”), you need to relearn What is your true Being. It goes on to say, “It (free will) means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.” This means that each individual self will play out the correction to the extent that they can. This is experienced as free will, but is in fact not self-determined. It is determined by the whole unfolding story of the undoing of the idea of not-Truth. The will that is free is the Son of God’s will, which, in an instant thought of the opposite-of-God and in that same instant undid the idea of the opposite-of-God by seeing its impossibility. It was free to do both and that is what is played out in the story of time.

But where does personal responsibility come into this? If you feel moved to take responsibility or to not take responsibility all of that is part of the unfolding. If you kill someone and that was meant to be, doesn’t it mean that you are not guilty for that murder? Well, yes, but not because it was “meant to be” but because none of this affects Truth in any way and therefore absolute morality is not real. But social morality is part of the human culture at the level of form. In form there are always consequences (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction). If you kill someone in a way that is not sanctioned by the world (as in war), then there will be consequences. Even if you “get away with it” and are never found to have commit the murder or are never convicted of the murder you will spend your life running and hiding in some way. All of that is part of the unfolding. If you are moved to take responsibility and learn and grow, that is your part in the unfolding. If you are not moved to take responsibility and learn and grow, that is your part in the unfolding.

You can see how this sets you free to not judge other selves. Whatever they are doing or not doing is their part in the unfolding story of the undoing of the idea of not-Truth. Your part is to attend to your mind, not to the lives of others. Since you are reading this, your part is an overt expression of the undoing.

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Christine said…
After reading and pondering this, I can't help but hearing in my mind the statement: "It is...what it is." But, after thinking about it - maybe according to the Course, "It isn't... what it isn't." (Please note - I do not drink or use drugs! Just pondering here!)
Anonymous said…
Perfect. ;)
Christine said…
After some more actually is: "It was...what it was." If the story is "over" and we are "reviewing" it seemingly unfolding...then "was" is the form of the word to describe it. I have a LOT of time to think...
Marissa said…
Thank you Liz for putting into words so much clarity. Your mind has naturally seen so clearly the truth from the untruth. You have made me realise that my mind is becoming aware of the undoing,unfolding of untruth, accept and trust and because I do not have the bigger picture I cannot judge! It has also become clear to me that others who do not read this are not aware of the undoing/doing of untruth but it is unfolding as it should! Therefore my mind has realised that everything is unfolding perfectly with or without my input. My mind accepts that I have to question every time I get upset because there is some hidden guilt, which I need to release, otherwise I'm making it real for me, when it is just an idea from my split mind that needs undoing. I choose to go with the flow, in peace, knowing that the outcome has already happened. I need to work on my intuition, quietening my mind and of course practicing the 4 Habits to Inner Peace. Thank you thank you thank you Liz. I feel I have taken great strides after reading last weeks and today's. I will read them over and over again. You are helping so many!!
Frank C said…
How about: "IT is what IT is; IT was what IT was; IT will be what IT will be, but I never am what I am not" (no matter how much I want to believe otherwise)??
will said…
I Want, I Want, I Want.

From The Song of Prayer,
“There are decisions to make here and they must be made whether they be illusions or not. You cannot be asked to accept answers which are beyond the level of need that you can recognize. The form of the answer, if given by God will suit your need as you see it. This is merely an ECHO of the reply of His Voice.”

“You cannot then ask for the echo. It is the song that is the gift. Along with it come the overtones, the harmonics, the echos but these are secondary. In true prayer you hear only the song. All the rest is merely added. You have sought first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else has indeed been given you. In prayer you overlook your specific needs as you see them and let them go into God’s Hands. There they become your gifts to Him for they tell Him that you would have no gods before Him.”
will said…
I have been looking at the Phamplet, The Song of Prayer for about a month. It’s way deep. If you’re concentrating on it you can tell the Holy Spirit is teaching you. It changes day to day. You think you know what it is saying until the next day when you pick it up again. I’m not reading it from cover to cover, just picking it up and starting wherever I start. More than a paragraph at a time and I don’t get that teaching rush from the HS. I have never been big on prayer. Meditation is just quiet time. I got curious about John Paul II and picked up a few books at the library. He prayed around eight hours a day. Whenever he was not working he was in prayer. Interesting. The Song of Prayer makes clear the importance of prayer. What it is and how it changes over time. Reading the blogs of the past few weeks, the whole concept of the person Will praying is changing. But as it says, prayer is like a ladder and you have no choice but to start at the beginning.
Anonymous said…
Would it be possible to add a small photo to each page so that it is pinable? The pin button does not work as there is no picture to bookmark the page with. I keep info that is helpful on a board on pinterest and this is shared with others who have the same interests. This is such a helpful blog, thank you!
will said…
The things Liz has been writing about recently have made me reflective. In the past few weeks the goals are being clarified or something. I know it is affecting me. The word illusion that we banter about is being shown to us in its reality. In my early years doing the Course I prayed for vision. I wanted to know what illusion was all about. Well, we are all finding out together as we read the blogs. It’s just the faintest opening of the door not the experience. Tonight ‘this mind’ is nervous or sad or something; feelings bubbling up to the surface. I have been feeling I might want to make an assessment on how I am approaching God.
Anonymous said…

I am have been abusing drugs (painkillers for the last 20 years) and alcohol for the better part of the last 40 years. Although I believe that I would be happier sober, I seem unable to stick to a decision to stop. It is heartening to hear that this is simply the unfolding of one life, but on the other hand it is incredibly painful to live through. I have recently started therapy and we are looking at my very poor perception of myself, and although my therapist is introducing a new way of perceiving myself, no sooner does she bolster me up, I seem to find myself running back to self-medication. It seems I am either high and motivated to do things normal people do , or recovering from being high and lying around berating myself for my inability to change. I sometimes feel that this drug use has something to do with my keeping the Holy Spirit away, unworthiness and other such debilitating beliefs and all, and I really would like to value myself enough to change, yet seem unable to.

Given your last blog, how should one in this type of situation go about perceiving themselves do you think? To imagine the remainder of my life living in such conflict seems unbearable and the Course (after 25 years of study/influence) hasn't seemed to help me much with this problem, although it has made me a gentler and kinder person to everyone (but myself). I recognize fear is at the bottom of this issue because although I have read the text many, many times, I have always stalled out with the workbook at part 2, just when Jesus is trying to make us understand how loved and lovable we are in Truth. Learning about the machinations of the ego I've had no problem with, but seeing myself as an expression of love, created by love and manifesting that belief just seems to high a leap to make.

It just feels so frustrating to realize that while I am asking for help to change, I am also refusing it. And then to read of all the people who have had miraculous transformations after calling out for help, it just makes me more demoralized and quite frankly, a little pissed off.

I can't hear his voice and so I am hoping you can......
Frank C said…
I may be able to help... please contact me ;-)
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, it seems to me you just have not reached the point of willingness yet. You haven't "hit bottom". As much as you may want peace you are not yet ready to accept it. Continue with your therapy and with speaking to other addicts. You are not alone. I know it is frustrating to want to change but to not yet be ready to do so. What you are experiencing is not only true for addicts but for others who want to change but are not yet ready to change. That's just the process of change. In time your willingness to change will outweigh your fear of change.
Liz, I LOVE this post! Spot on. In truth it comes right down to being accountable and responsible for our life and the actions.
TY, for being a teacher of truth and not being what I call fluffy. You get to the point.
Lots of love
Nanette Victoria (NJ)
Anonymous said…
Please tell me I'm not lost.
ACIM Mentor said…
You are not lost, Anonymous. You are in a process.

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