Between Me and Me

Each time I read A Course in Miracles different concepts stood out for me. Concepts would sink in, I’d move past them, and I was ready to learn new ones. The last time I read ACIM for myself was as I translated it into plain language. Then one lesson was driven home to me over and over again: This whole process to peace was between me and me. My sense of conflict was not between me and a world outside of me. It was not between me and a god outside of me. All of my conflict was occurring only within me. All of the reconciliation I needed was between a part of my mind (the split-mind) that was alienated from the Totality of my mind (Truth). There was nothing else and no one else involved. Each time this realization hit me with the force of a thunder clap.

I was already aware that I made my own world by projecting meaning onto a meaningless universe of form. I was used to bringing my conflicts with the world or the concept of a god back to what I was doing in my own mind. But actually experiencing on a deep level that the whole process was between me and me brought a feeling of deep comfort. It always helps to know what is going on in my own mind. But this realization also eliminated fear on the deepest level. Conflict with something outside of me meant I was powerless to resolve it on my own. But knowing the conflict was only within me was empowering.

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nicci said…
i recently returned again to chapter 7 in the Course (a section that has tended to be challenging), this time along with the help of your plain language translation. the deeper understanding that unfolded is the awareness that we are continuously and eternally extending and receiving Truth. i do not experience This continuously because my belief in a separate self is blocking my awareness of It. as i understand it now, extending of God -Love is always occurring. i have not lost my Identity, God- or Its extending, Love. This remains eternally unchanged. the projecting of a separate me is hiding this. so when i forgive the belief in a separate self, extending Love - Truth is not made possible, It is revealed, for It has never not been. initially the teaching that i am not in a world, the world is in me was overwhelming and intimidating. it is beginning to feel less frightening. thank you for your help.
endless L, n
Desert Dreams said…
Liz, thank you.

I recently commented on one of your previous posts about how 'projection' is one of my greatest challenges but at the same time, any growth in the area of taking responsibility for what my split mind is perceiving in the 'world' and what is actually in my mind has made profound changes in this experience my dream figure is having. ;-)

I think you've hit on it. The key is to keep it between me and me!
Anonymous said…
holy shit... thats only just hit me in the last couple of weeks liz. and there is a domino effect of .. ways of reacting to the world that just are saying.. no need to do this anymore. NOTHING to do but change my mind. thank you for this. thank.. me. just.. thanks xxxx hannah lily
Anonymous said…
Ah, a sense of empowerment is arising. This tremendous insight solidified. Carinos my dear friend. Deb
Anonymous said…
Outstanding blog. It speaks directly to the question so many of us have: "What to do?" and more specifically, "Where should I be looking?" A year ago I would have read this blog and said, "Huh?" It confirms and validates an awareness that has been growing steadily. As real as our problems seem to be "out there", the solution is to be found "in here".
Desert Dreams said…
So funny! I loved this article and shared it on FB, after just commenting on this blog that I don't usually do that. I think it might be because it wasn't one of the more outrageous teachings of the Course. Whatever. I'm okay with it. Maybe sharing stuff is just an extension of Love and also a way to better learn it myself.
Susan B said…
As I awoke this morning and practiced "Truth Will Correct All Errors in My Mind. I rest in Him Who Is my Self", I had an inkling of what you wrote today Liz. So it was helpful to read about your experience of realization that it is between me and Me. This is powerful indeed and a relief - to not be the victim.
Unknown said…
All you articles are appreciated, Liz, and the simplicity and Truth of this article is so appreciated today. Such a relief when this comes into one's awareness, thank you for your words of reminding and clarity!
will said…
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will said…
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Anonymous said…
I was taking a ride this afternoon and decided to listen to some music. A favorite of mine was playing, "Bring Me A Higher Love" and with total enthusiasm sang along. In joy I exclaimed from my impatient heart, I am ready for that Higher Love, bring it! The song ends and I switched stations and on the display which gives the title of the song playing, it read, "It's Too Soon".

I have to say, I knew that message to be from the other Me.

And She is right. Need to strengthen patience. Deb

Unknown said…
Yes it's all about me! There's no one else is my experiences.
Thanks Liz <3

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