Trust Builds From Everyday, Ordinary Miracles

Occasionally I hear from students or readers their discouragement that they have not experienced direct Revelation or "higher” miracles. Sometimes they think that without those experiences they will never attain peace. But it was not those experiences that helped me to build trust in Truth. What was helpful in building trust was the simple practice of being open, or willing, for Truth to come into my awareness in whatever form I needed. The simple, everyday miracles that were the result of this practice led to my trusting Truth and finding peace.

A Revelation, as A Course in Miracles uses the term, refers to a direct experience of Truth. It is beyond perception and is Knowledge Itself. In this experience there is no world; the world is not even a thought There. A Revelation reveals the end goal of a spiritual path. If a revelatory state was sustained the world would be over for you. So it is rare to find a spiritual seeker who has experienced Revelation and even for those of us who have they occur very rarely.

I coined the term “higher” miracle to refer to those more dramatic miracles where you have a shift in awareness where you know Truth to be true and the universe of form to be not-True. Sometimes the focus of a higher miracle is on the Truth as true and sometimes it is on the universe of form being not-True. A higher miracle is at the level of perception, thus it is what ACIM calls a “miracle” rather than a Revelation. It is just this side of Knowledge; just this side of Revelation. It is the highest level of perception, or consciousness, that one can attain. It is the consciousness of the Holy Spirit or Christ. These are a fairly common experience among spiritual seekers and you will experience them more often as you undo your obstacles to Truth. It can eventually be your state of mind, but the world would not last long in your mind once it was.

Both of these experiences fall under what ACIM calls a “Holy Instant”. Revelation would be the ultimate Holy Instant. But as ACIM points out, time can close over an instant. So while these experiences show you that the Truth is true, their effect on your conscious mind does fade.

What I call an “everyday, ordinary” miracle would be getting an answer from the Holy Spirit, a new way of looking at something that shifts you toward peace, a needed insight, peace that seems to descend on you out of nowhere, etc. These, too, are Holy Instants, but they are much more mundane and therefore more easily accepted into your day-to-day life.

The path to peace is a cumulative process so all miracles, whether “higher” or ordinary, everyday miracles, build on each other in your subconscious until one day you reach a tipping point and find that you trust Truth. This is when peace comes to stay in your awareness. But the ordinary, everyday miracles are far more consciously transformative than the more dramatic Revelation or higher miracle. They come from the simple practice of communing with Truth everyday with the only goal being to open to Truth. (This is the first habit in my book 4 Habits for Inner Peace). Nothing much may happen when you meditate and open to Truth. But later, throughout the day, the ordinary miracles will occur. It is as though you open a door while communing and Truth walks into your awareness in whatever form you need throughout the day. Allowing and recognizing these everyday miracles are how trust in Truth grows.

So don’t lament the experiences that you have not yet had. Instead, be willing for Truth to be in your awareness here and now in whatever form you need.

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Christine said…
"The path to peace is a cumulative process..." Not reincarnation, because Mind is neither born nor dies...even mini-me mind neither is born nor each "life" we seem to take on still has that cumulative effect if we are open to its "progress towards peace"...
nicci said…
once again, your sharing here comes to me as a miracle offering, an echo of a growing Voice within.
thank you. endless L, n
hannah said…
well hey! the guilt that came into awareness this morning over enjoying the feeling of having a 'need' met, a question answered just disappeared! high five!

"What was helpful in building trust was the simple practice of being open, or willing, for Truth to come into my awareness in whatever form I needed."
will said…
For many years when I would close my eyes in meditation and gradually let the mind quiet down, I was waiting for God to show up. That He would give me some evidence (that I could understand in my then current level of spiritual understanding) that He was there. A voice, a vision, something that I would recognize as proof of his existence. An Experience as promised! I wanted to have a feeling of security that would take away my constant fear and anxiety. In that darkness with my eyes closed I guess I wanted some sign I was special. A lot of good came of the meditation but God didn’t speak (in a metaphorical sense).
This morning I was watching a Wapnick video I enjoy and I wrote down what he had to say about my time with my eyes closed trying to reach God.

“So in the Holy Instant it is not really that your personal self disappears and you leap into the heart of God, what disappears is all the tension, all the conflict, all the anxiety, all the depression, all the anger, all the judgment, all the criticism, all the specialness. That’s what disappears.”

I came to and stayed with this spiritual practice because it said it was “Experiential.” A lot was riding on MY interpretation of Experiential. When the “experiences” that I looked for didn’t show up I have had some feelings of betrayal. To find that the Holy Spirit doesn’t participate in the dream as I understood Experiential to mean…well I wasn’t happy about it. But I have come to understand that my reality with God is what it is and I follow my own path with the H
Hi Liz:

The 3rd paragraph ends with the sentence: "It can eventually be your state of mind, but the world would not last long in your mind once it was."

Questions for clarification:

(1) By 'It' are you referring to Truth?

(2) By the statement: "the world would not last long in your mind once it was," are you making reference to the realization the world is MEANINGLESS (aka not Truth), and only the Truth is true?
ACIM Mentor said…

1) "It" referred to the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit/Christ Consciousness).

2)This line meant that once you sustained the Awareness of Truth, which would be that the world was an illusion and only the Truth is True, the world would soon fall away from your mind and only Truth would be left. What ACIM refers to as the "last step".
Desert Dreams said…
Thank you Liz. As always, when Consciousness speaks, it speaks a 'timely' Truth.
Hi Liz,

Thank you for your response. So what you are saying in 1) and 2) is:

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. Yes?
ACIM Mentor said…
Cairn: Yes.
essay best said…
Miracles do get happen with them who believe in it. We should believe on hardwork and Miracles also as people who do hardwork see the miracles in their lives.

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