Manifesting the Undoing of Not-Truth

After it wrote last week’s article, “The Self-concept Fell Away” ( this mind had the sense it wasn’t accurate to say that the self-concept falling away was only the beginning of self-identification falling away. What it saw was that indeed self-id had fallen away but it had not yet fully caught up to this fact.

This split awareness is not new to this mind. For many years now it has seen that life in the world is over for it. It knows this with certainty but then it is back in the story of an unfolding process of undoing. This is because it vacillates between the two diametrically opposed parts of it. In one part it is not so much that it is past the world as that it has never entered it. In the other it is in a process of leaving. It is this experience that led this mind to truly understand how the universe of form is the unfolding in time of an idea (not-Truth) that was over as soon as it was thought. This split-mind is the manifestation of this.

For one part of this mind there has never been a self. For another it is in a process of self-id falling away. This experience of diametrically opposed views of the same subject is beginning to extend into other experiences as well. One moment this mind is immersed in something in the world and the next it has a 180-degree change in view and sees that it is nothing. This, too, is not new to this mind. What is new is how often, how quickly, and how starkly the shift occurs and comes into focus. What was once theory and then rare and vague experience is becoming a more frequent, more immediate experience. And all this mind has to do is watch it unfold. That is all this mind has ever had to do, but it took a lot of learning to know this.

I share my experiences in my writing to reassure you  that the process does get easier. You do not have to struggle through the hard parts alone. Use my experience to validate your experience and to get over your obstacles. Set up an appointment by contacting me at


Jon said…
Not sure if I understand when you start talking about 2 different parts, especially when you identify on starting the undoing which is the first stage of the Trust. What about a third or fourth part, or whatever. Can you just say that you are in the Unsettling stage and will continue until it doesn't? Again, maybe I'm missing it. Thank you for all you do.
Jon said…
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ACIM Mentor said…
Jon, I'm not sure I understand your question but I think you may be confusing the "undoing" I refer to here with the first period in the Development of Trust. The "undoing" I refer to here is referring to the whole undoing of the idea-of-not-Truth, or what ACIM calls the "Atonement" or "correction".

If this does not clarify just ask again!
It is this experience that led this mind to truly understand how the universe of form is the unfolding in time of an idea (not-Truth) that was over as soon as it was thought. This split-mind is the manifestation of this.

Whoa! This profound sentence just blew me away and gave me an opening into freedom. Whoa!
Life in this world has a lot of problems but it also has small delights sprinkled here and there. The problem with fully renouncing the world is: if we keep renouncing now, would we accept in the next? I doubt so because our refusal becomes a habit -- just like a materialistic person keeps chasing dramas to watch or take part in, a spiritual person keeps renouncing dramas available for free, in the hope of dramas in the next world but tomorrow never comes because when it comes it becomes today.
Kids want to dress up like adults when young but when they become adults, they sorely miss the childhood.
There is a great problem those who renounce are unaware of in their quest to become complete: if one renounces an item during the first step, it is implied that one will not seek it after the last step -- if for example, one renounces sensual interaction with a girl or a boy at the beginning, one cannot expect to be surrounded by a damsel or casanova in heaven for the effort put in -- such a deal is possible but it will be time-limited if it isn't one's deepest longing. So it is better to let go with discrimination in a gradual way. No one is ever forced to grow fast spiritually according to a strict time-table -- innocent shortcomings don't affect the quality of life.
Saw this quote on a person's clothing: Live for nothing or die for something.
Anonymous said…
These last 2 blogs represent extremely advanced concepts that I'll bet 99.99% of readers here are nowhere near understanding intellectually let alone ready to experience. Yet people weigh in with rambling comments, sometimes off topic, and miscellaneous gibberish. These topics may have value to some and serve a purpose for the author but the rest of us scratch our heads. Let's be real.
Deb Baczewski said…
This mind had an experience where it saw the false self and asked, who is that, I don't know who that is. There was a recognition, with questioning and a spring rain of emotions and an inner acceptance. The looking above the battlefield. Deeper states of meditation unfolds. But wait, one of the dogs is diagnosed with cancer and turning it over, I am looking at the obstacle called death and still in the space of acceptance, non judgment, I am led to look another way, "remission" and it's old definition "forgiveness".

3:00 am awakened from deep sleep as thoughts of sadness rise up as fear. I stay as the witness and again in the space of acceptance, it passes with deep sleep and silly dreams. Morning here, pups and peace and gratitude.

Acceptance of "what is" seems to be what this mind has awakened to.
Frank C said…
Great stuff, Liz... unfortunately, the limitations and inadequacies of written language to clearly convey what "a mind" has experienced has again led many to distort the Truth through their individualized perception lens. I know the intention of your posts (and the comments of many here) is to bring some clarity and understanding into the world of chaos and conflict, in hopes of instilling a more peaceful and fertile "mind garden" where the seeds of atonement can take root, and eventually blossom into the full experience of Oneness through forgiveness, but I sometimes wonder why we bother to try and "figure it out"... maybe it would be more useful to just accept the fact that each of us is on a personally unique journey to the inevitable and guaranteed fulfillment of the "promise" of ACIM and then, simply sit back and enjoy the show.

I'm sure that many of us have had that exact same experience of surety and peace that comes from KNOWING that all is well and in perfect order (holy instant?) but, as you seem to be pointing out, we then flip back to our ego split-mind and wring our hands in doubt and confusion, trapped in an endless cycle of "everything is beautiful" and "OMG, life really sucks" LOL. Even as I write this, I know it is totally meaningless and useless, but still I continue... why? why bother? Because I simply feel like it... I have absolutely no expectation or concern about what it means or how it will affect or change anything or anyone.. ahhh, it feels so good to be free of that aspect of insanity...

Be well, my brothers and sisters, and rest in the Peace of God, where nothing unreal exists and nothing real can be threatened... and, please, don't take your (little) self so seriously... or not....LOLOLOL
Christine said…
Thanks for being frank, Frank!
Deb Baczewski said…
Exposing and expressing the not-Truth and Truth is helpful in that it teaches the mind. I see each and every post as revealing the frightened parts and the hopeful searching parts. All is part of the classroom the Son of God is viewing, watching the unfolding of the graduation of awakening.
Frank C said…
Hi, Christine... thanks for the smile... LOL

Hi, Deb... True... and not-True.. or not.. yes? no?

Love you all, because we are One, and I love me...

Frankly ;-)
Deb Baczewski said…
Riddle me confused. I love you too Frank.

Peace out in now.
will said…
If you're new what you are reading is a really good description of what you are working towards. The mentally moving back and forth where you are beginning to sense the difference is 'real', not imagined by 'this mind,' starts at about 8-10 years. The process is more 'a feeling' that something is happening. Something that you can't quite put your finger on. This is just my experience. Everyone has different experiences. This is open for correction.
will said…
I was out star watching tonight and got to thinking about this weeks blog. Something that has helped me and might help you to if your new (or not so new) and wondering if anything is ever going to happen. Liz told me about this, let's say your just sitting around and you have a sudden sharp intake of breath. That's the Holy Spirit.
Christine said…
Hi Will...I believe you are right about the 8 to 10 year period...but the 'feeling' you get is that of peace - situations, people, perceptions, projections, wanting, not-wanting all seems to become less sharp in our experience...not that you become a blob, and don't do anything in the world (or maybe if that is your path) just becomes less of a fight. Then onto your awareness of Peace/Truth...hey Will, if you have a "sudden outake of air" , like a burp or a fart - is it still the Holy Spirit? Hahaha!
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, what I had actually shared was that Joel Goldsmith ("The Infinite Way") said that if while in meditation you find yourself suddenly taking a deep breath and relaxing you can be sure that you have connected to God (Truth).
JL said…
For me the end really struck home - and to me it describes the core of practicing forgiveness: "And all this mind has to do is watch it unfold. That is all this mind has ever had to do, but it took a lot of learning to know this."

From Lesson 221, What is Forgiveness:
"Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing. It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to appearances it likes. It merely looks, and waits, and judges not. He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive. But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is."

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