Ask: Are your ACIM Mentor Articles still relevant?

“i am currently reading 'The ACIM Mentor Articles: answers for students of a course in miracles' and as some of the entries are from 2006 etc, i am wondering if they are still relevant to your current teachings now, as you seem to have developed and sometimes have different ways of perception.” – HE

Yes, I have evolved and much of what I wrote back then I would not write now. However, what I wrote then was authentic to where I was then. So many readers still find those articles relevant to where they are now. I get a lot of positive feedback about that book's practical approach.

Also, working one-on-one with others, I try to meet them where they are, not where I am. So with clients I teach what was relevant to me when I was where they are now. In that respect I still teach some of what I wrote back then.

FYI: The last article in that book was April, 2010. For articles written since then you can go to my blogsite,


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Christine said…
I thought of this, too, then I thought your answer was what you would say. The Holy Spirit meets you where you judgment or concern...kind guidance.
Anonymous said…
Indeed it is always important to be honest about where one is at at the moment and deal with perceived problems in a way that is practical. Nobody is more practical than Liz which is helpful up to point. Beyond that point one is on one's own - seeking guidance and sustenance from within. The writer Joel Goldsmith whom Liz describes as the only author who resonated with her, speaks in very lofty terms which may be frustrating if one is seeking nuts and bolts. He seems to have experienced life in ways that the rest of us can only dream about. He's worth a read though as a way of taking a break from the endless grasping for things beyond our reach; the endless seeking without finding - and redirecting our search inward.
Anonymous said…
Getting back to my comments about Joel Goldsmith. The question arises as to how can I derive value from words that seem like pipe dreams? Speaking for myself, I have spent my entire life FULLY believing in the outward search. Acquiring this, fixing that etc. Although my outer life is quite functional, my inner life provides no lasting peace. So what to do? Give up? Not hardly. Reading someone like Goldsmith used to be a case of "compare and despair" but only because I fully believed in the outward search. Since that is no longer the case, I can now consider alternatives - like this one from Goldsmith's "The Infinite Way":

"Whenever you leave one place to go to another, pause for a second to realize that the Presence has gone before you to prepare the way, and that that same divine Presence remains behind you as a benediction to all who pass that way."

Now, trying to hold that thought, I return to my daily read of the New York Times.
Anonymous said…
To follow up on my comments above re. returning to my daily read of the NY Times after indulging in the sublime words laid out by Goldsmith. I actually did login to the Times website and (no surprise) found a catalog of horror, contention, hate, misery, cruelty, stupidity, greed, resentment and insanity. Not today.
Christine said…
I second that! Except, I have found Joel Goldsmith's writings to be very simple, bare bones, and to the point! I love the "pipe dreams" description...once the student gets to a certain level he/she can read 'other writings' - discernment gets clearer...the Course is the one which awakened me (like a dead car battery getting a hot shot) I stick to it, re-read passages, ponder...etc.

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