The Hybrid Mind

Last week I wrote about an experience of the Light of Love coming into my mind and the product, a lesbian romance novel, which came about because of it ( (The “Light of Love” can also be called the Vision of the Holy Spirit, the Vision of the Holy Relationship, Spiritual Vision, the Real World, True Perception, etc.) There was also a great deal of personal psychological processing that occurred when it began. I noted that the novel was not “channeled”, though it “rode in”, on the Light. So where did it come from?

It came from what I call the “hybrid-mind”. This is a blend of this split-mind and the universal split-mind. Both of these contain the awareness of Truth. To explain:

This split-mind is a singular expression of the universal split-mind. The Truth in this split-mind is universal. But not-Truth in this split-mind is unique. Not-Truth is this particular personal thought system (ego) and the personal story for the self in this mind. This is what informed the product, for example, that it was a lesbian love story. This mind’s psychology is all over the book, and, as I said in last week’s blog, it was full of symbols that had meaning for this split-mind. The book was also an allegory, not in the details, but in the overarching theme, for this particular mind’s journey from unworthiness to acceptance of Love.

The reason I include the universal split-mind in this experience is that as I wrote I felt my mind contained the whole world. I was in touch with something in the universal personal experience beyond just this personal self’s experience. It felt as though I could have written anything, but I just happened to be writing what I wrote. Information I needed to write the book just flowed into my awareness.

The Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit) is a part of both this split-mind and the universal split-mind. It showed up in my writing as the Love that was expressed through the authentic depiction of universal human experiences and through the characters’ learning. Love cannot come directly into the world, but when a mind is in touch with Love it expresses itself honestly and authentically. It learns and it grows. In the world, love is honesty and love is learning. This was not something I fully understood until I was writing and realized that the Love I was basking in as I wrote did not show up in the details of the story, but in the idealization, the authenticity, and the lessons the characters learned. I did not aim for this, but simply discovered it in the process.

If I was an artist rather than a writer, instead of an idealized love story I would have depicted idealized scenes through art. Think of the art of Thomas Kinkade. He depicts, over and over again, idealized scenes of warmth and coziness in the midst of winter. He means to give comfort in the midst of a harsh world. My wife commented on how nice everyone is in my book. Yes! An idealized love story provides comforting escape, it uplifts, and it reinforces healthy (loving) values through the lessons and maturing of the characters. Idealization is not Love directly, but an effect of the awareness of Love.

But still, the product is not the point. The hybrid-mind is this split-mind at a higher level. It is in touch with both the universal split-mind and the Awareness of Truth. It is an effect, a result, of decades of quieting this mind and becoming both more attuned to the unfolding story of the universal split-mind and to the Awareness of Truth. It is itself a product and not the point. If I had sought this experience, I would never have found it. Love is all that is real so It is all that matters. I sought Love and this effect unfolded.

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Christine said…
Authenticity comes through when guilt leaves...on this level...I read recently (again, I'm sure I've read it before) that God/Truth/Spirit lives through us, we aren't "living" through God, and when we let go of "telling God what we want", Waaa-aaa, then the Flow is there, ie., creatively as in the arts, harmonious relationships, surprise 'good stuff, or good events', what have you...
ACIM Mentor said…
Christine, what I experience, and was trying to convey here, is that it is not Truth (God/Spirit) "living through" this split-mind. My awareness of Truth affects this split-mind. But what "lives through" this split-mind is the universal split-mind. What is expressed at the level of form is the universal split-mind through this one seemingly-separate split-mind. Truth is not expressed in form, but the effect of Truth on this split-mind is expressed.
Christine said…
Yes, that is clear, thanks.
Christine said…
Right after I commented, I opened The Thunder of Silence by Joel Goldsmith to tead, " There is a God, but there is no God in the human scene..." this also like in the text of the Course's saying about how we have tried brining Truth to illusion, whereas we should bring illusion to Truth?
ACIM Mentor said…
Christine, yes.
will said…
I'm glad someone understands what the past two blogs mean. I tried but it is going to take a slowed down mind and a lot of concentration for me. I'll get to it.
ES said…
(Not exactly related to this week's article but it's about the mind so who will mind?)


Since I began a serious quest to discover who I really am, I am always struck by the common usage of the phrase, "That's who I am." "I climb mountains - that's who I am"; "I paint, that's who I am"; "I care about others, that's who I am"; etc. Not so. Most people think their propensities, or their religious, sexual, tribal, gender, political etc. affiliations are who they ARE. Not so.

Recently I heard a story on NPR about a woman who all her life identified as Hispanic. She hung out with Hispanic friends and immersed herself in Hispanic culture. Someone came along and suggested that this was not so because her mother was European and that she never knew her father whom she only assumed was Hispanic. Her anxiety was increased because she herself was tall and fair. So with much trepidation she sent a physical sample to a company to test for DNA. When she got back the report she cried tears of joy to find out that she was indeed of Hispanic extraction. What folly I thought to myself. What if the report showed she was Polish or Norwegian? Think of the unnecessary grief she would put herself through! If one's "identity" is so contingent upon such unstable variables, how can it be real? Are we nothing more than our deoxyribonucleic acids?

I am a long way from experiencing who I AM. But at least I'm not about to BS myself and others with stories about who I am not.

Christine said…
ES - laughing in agreement!! And to be slightly annoying, Ken Wapnick said (very funnily, too) that "Ya have to be a What before you are a Who!"...We're a bunch of Whats. Or One What?

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